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Raptek Arena

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Author Comments

Remember to come and check the new version on the new submission!
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/410667
I've worked a lot on this game, trying to follow all your suggestions, and decided the game was changed so much it was worth resubmitting.
You can find the latest version here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/410667
It is called "Raptek Arena Reloaded" and really I see it almost like a different game... or at least a second version...
Here is a list of what you'll find in the new version:
- Added SAVE!!!
- Highscores divided between Story mode and Survival Mode
- It is now a little easier to make combos (increased time)
- The longest combo increases the final score
- Combos are worth more in XP
- Removed point limit for survival mode
- Increased Shields Resistance
- Modified prices in shop (many things now cost a little less)
- Special Abilities now cost 1 skill point, just as the rest!
- Cleric has no longer healing skill... it has now a special ability called "Holy Might" Which gives him combat abilities like half a potion of strength, half a potion of haste, and a slight HP regeneration. Increasing this ability power increases its duration, not its power.
- Monster AI a Little Better
- Now it is a little longer (12 levels), so you can earn more money and more px before getting to fight the final boss
- Overall difficulty recalibrated
- The shield is now TOGGLED (one keypress to use it, one keypress to remove it)
- NEW DRAWINGS from the same amazing artist!
- Now you can hold up to 5 objects and You can use buttons 1-5 to use objects
- Better collisions with monsters

Come and play the new version here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/410667
I will discontinue this, and eventually ask Tom to delete it (if it's possible)

For all who voted/posted/wrote me, I have only one thing to say: thanks :)


good job.

try to bump down the difficulty a little bit. it would take about 12 hours for me to actually get good at this. but thats me, i dont really play online games like this a lot. all in all i'd say u made a good effort. 9/10 and 4/5.


Very nicely made game, found it from kongregate. Would be good if there was controls to use the item in inventory without moving mouse down to click it, very challenging and lovely graphics.

loved it!

Kelemas responds:

As you can read in the post, now the game is updated with a lot of new features, including SAVE and the option to use objects (now five) with 1 -> 5 keys.

I've re-updated it from the start at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /410667

Come and check it! Thank you!


The controls were quirky. I kept dying right in the first screen. The fact that you have to use both the mouse as well as the WASD keys to do anything meant that it wasn't very enjoyable.

Kelemas responds:

Sorry to hear that.
I thought that the WASD + SHIFT + SPACE combination was a good one.
Unfortunately, you have to use keys + mouse if you want to move in a direction and attack in another... like walking back or strafing while slashing/targeting your enemies.
Maybe I could add an "easy interface" mode with only keys to control the character, but how could I accomplish the same task?
Have you got some suggestions? Please PM me if you want.
I'm striving to better this game every day!

A great game! Some thoughts....

I canèt wait for the save feature, though....one thing that annoyed me with the Auto Use Potions option was the shield repair and health potions--itèd be great if theyèd sit in inventory until your hp or shield level was low enough to warrant them. The level up bonuses donèt accrue very fast...an endgame character looks pretty similar to the starting character. Ièd love to see some kind of epic mode or the like where the enemies and PC both advance in power much more quickly.
Ièll be watching for your next version!

Kelemas responds:

Mmmm... wouldn't that make the game too easy?
I mean... the drops can drop very often sometime since it's random... if you are lucky enough to get a good combination of them... it would be a piece of cake.
What do you think? Maybe a longer inventory (5 items instead of 3) and the option to choose which one to ure (not only the first one) would compensate?
But since there are some peoplethat says the controls are not friendly... adding new buttons and/or keys would complicate even more.
I'd be very pleased if you write me a PM <== That is valid for everyone!

u must get this alot

i know u been getting this alot but i am gonna say it any way. it needs a save option. besides that great game

Kelemas responds:

The Version with Save Option is ready... With other updates!
I am only waiting a Reply from Armorgames to know if I can re-upload it and start anew (with the "Under Judgement" thing and the rest) since it has changed quite a bit from the original and the game is now more appealing.
I need their reply because the game is related to their contest... and I don't know if I can.
Be patient!

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