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Author Comments

Response to reviews:
Thank you all for the commentary. My reply to a few issues:
1) The objective of the game is to get the highest score possible. Kind of a 'brushing with the edge of danger' type of thing
2) Sounds when scratching are difficult... I tried about 40 of them, but the problem is that if something sounds good for one song, it sounds like *** on another.
3) Same thing with the lines, the bar system was actually developed using a generic standard (ie, I took 10 random songs from my roomate and tried them)... and since this version was developed for arcadetown, they dictated the song, which is a bit faster than most of the music i tried.
4) lag... is... lag... I've actually been working pretty hard on making a glow engine (the streaks on the bar) that will make v.2 (whenever that is) run much much smoother.

Thanks for the commentary! I expect to go through 2 or 3 versions of this game, so any commentary is very much welcome :) I'd also like to get the visuals a little better so I could release this as a music visualizer (along with a few others I've been cooking up), so if anyone has any commentary on the colors/other cool ideas they'd like to see post em up, or drop me a msg in my forums (mentioned below) or at maji@majidesign.com

Original message
Hey all,
This is my first game that I've sold... this version (as you can probably guess) is arcadetown's version. Since I sold it, i haven't had time to update my own version. You can download an olderversion that lets you play your own songs at http://majidesign.com/mus icDodge.

Also, if you have any commentary/requests/etc for the game, please visit my forums at http://majidesign.com/for um
The forum is mostly for people who are interested in making flash games (for the moment), but are open to anyone who is enthusiastic about any online medium!


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Great Idea but

This was a great idea, but there is just too much to dodge...

Great idea, poorly exicuted

no i wouldent buy it because the lag made the mouse work way to choppy so it was very difficult to keep from crashing. also the visuals dident sync up with the song. but any ways it is one mother of an idea, i mean cmon the idea of grinding off beams of light comeing out of no where that makes magic music play is a great idea (no scarcasem) 6/10


For your first game this is pretty damn impressive. Would i buy it? No, but then again i dont but these sorts of games. Like other people have mentioned it could use some fine tuning, but the idea itself is very good and the look and feel seems well done.


majicassassin responds:

Thank you ^^

I don't see this game every selling for money on a per-person basis. Any revenue would definitely be ad based. I'm also working on making it part of a larger suite of music visualizers/games that I might one day offer/market/sale/give to musicians... but that's a bit aways :D

Inovative concept, controls and visuals need work

The concept behind this game is fantastic and seem to me fairly original. however, it still needs some work to make it fun:

It's visually confusing too many lines moving too quickly
The ball seems no miss lines (or lines miss the ball) ALLOT so many scratches and destructions go unrecorded. I'm not certain if the problem is that the ball is "invulnrable" after it's killed for a bit of if the collision mechanics need work.
The ball is often "boxed in" so destruction is almost assured. this may be a problem of lag
The controls are very laggy you need to account for this perhaps reducing number of lines.
It's hard to physically move a mouse directly where you want it within the narrow areas between lines. -- perhaps keyboard controls are called for ?

All in all the game shows allot of promise but needs soem technical and game mechanics work to reach it's potential.

majicassassin responds:

Hmm, there is a small period of invlunerability where you can neither die nor scratch after being hit. Originally I had the ball completely disappear then quickly fade in (right now it fades out a bit and stops leaving a trail), but I found that a bit disorienting. I think in the next iteration I'm going to make it turn black with a white outline or something that looks more dead.

Also didn't consider keyboard input... I'll play around with it, thanks ^^

nice but...

i really like how well the streaks went with the music
but on the downside you never mentioned an objective to the game
becuase when i skimmed the streaks my score went up and you never said if you want to keep your score as low as possible or as high as possible
and another down part is that is claims your score before all the streaks are off the screen
but overall it was a reall nice games

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2007
6:38 PM EST