The Impossible Maze

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A little spin-off to my other game The Endless Maze. Not much has changed, except that you've gone blind. You can't see the walls, you can only hear the buzzing of a distant dot, to which you have to reach. It will be a real challenge! Promise!

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Cyberdevil responds:

Thank you!

aaaaaaaaaa .

Cyberdevil responds:

Though the title's misleading. It actually is possible. ;)

Is this your only account? Because I played something 2 weeksish or so ago called "Ventures of Cyberdevil", and it was basically like trollface quest, but your playable character was the doom guy, who referred to himself as the cyberdevil. Not the cyberdemon, the cyberdevil. But I click on your name and Ventures of Cyberdevil doesn't appear on your list of games you made.

The 4-state 4-direction navigate-a-planar-maze-in-the-dark algorithm:

State A: Push once to the right. If you can't move to the right, go to state B. If you successfully move one space to the right, go to state D.

State B: Push once up. If you can't move up, go to state C. If you successfully go one space up, go to state A.

State C: Push once to the left. If you can't move to the left, go to state D. If you successfully move one space to the left, go to state B.

State D: Push once down. If you can't move down, go to state A. If you successfully go one space down, go to state C.

Basically move one space at a time, and you shift your direction 90 degrees to the left (counterclockwise) if you fail to move forward, and move your direction 90 degrees to the right (clockwise) if you succeed. But doing this gets tiresome after a while. Always thinking about the next direction you're supposed to point. I couldn't manage to keep it up long enough to win one level. And also, if the destination is in the MIDDLE of the level, you could also end up making circles around it. Because what you're doing is really hugging one wall, and if the goal is on a wall which isn't connected to the wall you're on, you could never get there. For instance, if you were stuck in a maze which is a big square wall on the perimeter and a bunch of stuff on the inside that wasn't touching the outer perimeter, and you never got to the other stuff because you just went around and around the perimeter because that was the wall you were hugging. The game isn't my cup of tea but it's a game worthy of existing, I'll say.

Cyberdevil responds:

'Ventures of Cyberdevil' was made by my buddy DIWAKAR, I'm listed as 'Inspiration'. Unfortunately anything that credits a user that way isn't listed under their own creations... though since I wasn't involved in the production that is fair. I wish they were though, it'd make it easy to see everything a user has been even indirectly involved with or somehow spurred the creation of. As for your first question though, this is the only account I actively use! :P

Woah, that's an elaborate algorythm forged towards beating the game! What makes it a bit more complex is that the mazes are randomly generated each time and do not feature only one set path towards the goal, there are plenty of odd roads you can take that'd lead to a a dead end. This was originally a parody game based upon 'The Endless Maze', a game where a new random level is generated for each one you complete. Can be seen here: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/ca4b597e744915eb0681537aadc816a0

If you're wondering why ^ is not listed under my Games btw: my account was hacked a few years back and a lot of older creations went missing. This is one of few that were included in collections and thus impossible to remove. :) Thanks for the review!

hello this game is hard man you can do it little easy

Cyberdevil responds:

It does say impossible. :P Thanks for the comment!

Cool game!More special because you can't see anything(well you can see the dots).A little hard to escape,but fun to play!Rate and vote 5! :)

Cyberdevil responds:


Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2007
4:22 PM EST
Puzzles - Other