Ragdoll Invaders

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Controls: Arrow keys to move, space to shoot

EDIT: Thanks a lot to everyone that took time to review the game!

Hordes of alien spaceships are invading the little ragdoll's planet. But you are not defenseless! Armed with dual chaingun-arms, you will have to destroy the invaders one after the other, while avoiding their crossfire. While tough, it is possible to beat the game (7 levels) and save earth.

Ragdoll Invaders is the evolution of my older flash game Ragdoll Avalanche. This time not only you have to dodge stuff, you can counterattack too!

Hope you enjoy it!



Concept, Programming, Graphics: Matteo ( www.ragdollsoft.com )
Song: Revolutions by Dimrain47
Sounds by: Idevgames.com and Soundrangers.com

Webmasters: feel free to put the game on your site, as long as it is not changed in any way and the links from within the game still work.


I got to lvl 7

I got to the final level and realised this wasnt very well thought out, i lost 13 lives 1 after the over simply because the entire screen was filled with some sort of attack. It seems like you just stuck as much on the level as you could, without thinking through the repurcussions of having 80% of the screen covered with moving death.


what the heck lol, all that to get to lvl 2, I wanna know how that one guy said he got to lvl 5 to get a power up, i found the only way to go anywhere was lay low to the ground and fire as much as you can , sorry that game just wasnt my style at all i guess................................


I played for about a minute before i quit. I found the movement highly annoying. I know the point of it is ragdoll movement but i really didn't have any fun playing it.

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lvl5 :(

imo not being able to aim is the point but the ONLY thing this game lacks is at least one power up or a firepower upgrade system just SOMETHING to help at first im like lvl 2 ... wait .. WHAT!? then after a few attemps i got to lvl 5 and was like :O ok need some kinda powerup other then freeguys that are harder then hell to catch whilst avoiding death from 400 angles. but definitly an awsome game and the music was great too

That game rocked!

Brilliant game! Keep up the good work! The only problem was he couldn't aim, so if you fixed that up it'd be 100%

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4.25 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2007
3:58 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun