Click Maze 2

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After many requests I have re-released this game with a minor change. This game is the same as Click Maze except the cursor is not affected by the black walls or objects.

This is a maze game with clicks and a cool PAR style scoring system. Try to complete all 10 levels in as fewer clicks as possible.

The aim of the game is to click the small red pill through the maze avoiding all the black walls and obstacles in order to reach the large red pill in as few clicks as you can.


=] Lol

:) Enjoyed it :)

Sequel? I think so :p


Apparently my review was too short so im making it longer =]


Allright this is one original game man. I dunno how u game-makerguys come up with it. And every lvl is as original as it can be! THAT IS WHAT WE LIKE IN NG!!! Originality... too bad I make stick fights.. oh well :)))

Very well done!

The look of this flash is superb. The ball moves very slickly, the maze is also very fluid. And the choice of colours doesn't hurt the eyes.

The sounds are VERY well done. Nothing gets too annoying or repetitive, and the ambient music is so subtle one almost ignores it while playing. Not a bad thing, a lot of games seem to have one or two tracks that utterly annoy, and fortunately this one didn't!

The game play is addictive, and there are enough levels to involve oneself with. My only grievance is that when I click the ball to go a long distance it always stops within a MM of where I clicked it. A slide feature should have been included that allows a long clicked ball to continue a few feet (Game wise) .

Other all, 9/10


finaly a good flash. I liked this. very fun...i got up to 'we're moving' yea i know i suck...but shush. its late and im tired

It's a lot of fun but...

I don't think it has much replay value. I was about to beat the game the very first time I played so maybe if you had like more levels and the game could save your progress that would be a huge improvement.

Ill be looking forward to Click Maze 3!

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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2007
10:12 AM EST
Skill - Avoid