Retarded Animal Babies 19

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Come and git it! The nineteenth & possibly most offensive one.

Hey! Order up a DVD. Or just wipe your ass with a twenty and stick it to my forehead. It's love either way.

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oh...... get me a new eyes


This has always been a fan favorite and is always as popular I remember when these first ones came out and here we are on #19 wow you sure have come a long way I love that this one is long and deep with depth good animation and film you still have lots of humor and jokes that make these work so nice job on this one and all of your films keep up the efforts


Honestly, I've been following you since I first had to ask permission to be on the internet. However, not sure if I saw this one or the one after it but you managed to surprise me.

First, it's funny because everyone is expecting a punchline to that joke. Second, I'm glad that the Breakfast Club got into the mix and the reference made me laugh.

I hope that your leg is doing well (if it hasn't healed already) and that we get to see more of your works, soon!

P.S. It was close to being the most offensive, but keep up the dark humor♥

Fuck hell and fuck you haha sad satan

I think my only complaint is that it was a little too long. It still managed to keep up with great jokes most of the time. I thought time was going to reverse itself at the end. You know, the egg would go back to the middle of the cartoon. Dang, now we're at a population of 7 billion. Puppy's got more work cut out for him!

I wish I could have heard the punchline to that naked blonde joke. Loved the joke with Matt Groening. Nice to see a reference to "Sci-Fi Guys". That really does look tame by this show's standards. Loved those continuity jokes.