Super Smash Bros ST 3

November 4, 2007 –
March 13, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Everybody dies and gets revived ten seconds later.


this is not the best part it when... cu\z... its sad

cool music for a cool video!

Badass link music

Epic Link is epic. <3

to ooda18: this was made before brawl came out

to this: awesome

ah finally, link gets better! improving all the time with sprites.

where's lucario


why does everyone kill yoshi


podrias hacerlo en español? por favor


Why do you kill yoshi in every one of your series!?! :(


Super Moves in the smash universe are known as FINAL SMASHES! So.......OWNAGE!

Hmm... starting to decrease slightly...

The sprite for Link's walking is also used when running, which is lame. And there should be more sound effects. But I liked the coincidence of Power Rangers Samurai(do NOT call me a lame-o.) when Samus was looking into the foreground, with the shadow character exploding behind her. ... What inspired you to make that bit? :P That's not important right now.

" It is so awesome that I dont know what to say"

It is soooo funny because every single one of them have dragon ball z sound fx and on scence selection 1 or 2 or 3 it has bleach sound fx

i know marti031

it means story


I've been meening to ask you this but, what does ST mean?


When you think link is weak and useless yu better be prepared cause gonna stab and slash kick punck and do the triforce slash so if you think heys weak that will be the mistake of your life!AND YOUR LAST!!!!


10/10, especially, because Samus OWNZ here ;)

its great

im in love with the storyline, cant wait to see what epic stuff happens next...i thought yoshi was a goner for sure! music is excellent, really adds flavor to the story n action

it's very good!

yeah it's fantastik


At The End take a look at zelda one is tranparent


i love it! i dont think theres anythin u need to fix.


samus is very cool!


I love this series, its amazing!

P.S. Some of the music is from an anime called bleach, Just wanted to point that out :3


when could luigi do THAT!?

awww come on

i already want to see the rest of it nonstop.

Another good follow up

I liked how the characters seemed to get more powerful and how you created new moves for them. It was a very good and very creative follow up for the first two. I highly enjoyed it and keep up the good work.

mega awsome

overall good movie pluse the megaman zero music rocked XD

to dragonball z like

it was too much like dragonball z and very little like smash bros


for a second there, i actually thought yoshi was a goner!

i noticed teh same thing as the guy under me

i know bowser is reatarded but not that retarded to talk to himself! and wow...yoshi got disemboweld. and link....can fly?

Wrong Names

Hey when it was the part where bowzer and DK where in the woods it was like bowzer said sumthing to humself:

Bowzer:Luigi has been gone for a while you think hes ok?
Bowzer:of course he is he knows what he's doing

10/10 awsome

awsome,nice plot

Bleach Song!

Good use of the Bleach Song there! As usual, excellent way of using all of the sprites different moves/positions!


activate ultimte weegee power


This is a really good episode. SAMUS ROCKS!! gettin a lil DBZ feeling but thats ok. AMAZING EPISODE!!

The music..

is what made this. Just the fact that you included Magus' theme music from Crono Trigger made this a 5/5 10/10. keep up the amazing music choices in your flashes

man conker should be in this video

It was ownawsome yoshi died conker song is still back adn it better be in the fourth movie


Luigi was pwnsome and i shouldnt be any less than that. also i heard the cbfd theme in the beggining x3


Why Does Yoshi have 2 die =(
anywho,nice flash and it was epic

awsome =D

i liked it =]

don´t you think

mario talked like he knew link long time ago?

wheres snake?

hhaha i loved luigis spirit bomb

Good but

Why is yoshi and DK talking
i can see bowser and maybe mario and luigi
thats why its a 9 star
but anyways samus fighting was the best part!

very very good

i loved and link is back now hes gonna kick @$$

pretty good just one problem....

WHERE THE HELL IS KIRBY?????????????????????????????

Good 1

This 1 was very nice! I like these kind of movies.


I'm adding all of these to my favorites.


one question, what game is that new link sprite from?


That was epic when Yoshi's Ribcage got blasted off.


link should be talking

This is phenominal!

You know it is good when Mario and Bowser are uniting against a common enemy


I thought Luigi was going to destroy the whole planet!


Samus kicked ass. Can't w8 for sonc to come out =)


I really enjoyed this movie. It was excellent! I'm looking forward to the new version.

how the hell did luigi do that!!!!

this one seemed longer and that's good :) keep it up

It was ok

Not bad! But, i disliked it when yoshi's died and his skeleton like popped out!


good movie
awsome fighting but
when did mario and luigi learn dbz blast and stuff like that?

Seen it

Sorry man this just didn't do it for me considering I saw Super Mario Bros Z. Which in my opinon has better fight sequences.


that was Awsome HURRY AND MAKE NUMBER SIX!!!!!


Luigi use the giant energy ball that songuko from dragonball use ;D

yoshi lives alright

what did luigi use some final blast. great job it get better


its cool but some of the sprites could have been better


I'VE SEEN ALL OF THESE T'ILL THIS ONE SO far its so cool man the best shit i've ever SEEEEEN

ugh, DBZ

It was good, but the fight scenes were better before you added mediocore DBZ effects into them. Stick with the older fight scenes.


This is one of my top five on my list

it going be awsome

everytime u make a new ST its better


very good vvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


i like it but what about luigi?


I loved the Samus scene! Oh,and at the first part I thought you had something against Link sice he flew first with one hit but I see now and AWSOME!


This rocks! Only why is the evil yoshi a different shape than yoshi and all the other evil clones are the same sprites but purple?


woo! i like samus's part. :D


LINK&LUIGI FTW!!!!!!!!!!


better than the last one. much longer. (by the way, yeah samus is a girl.want proof, get the real super smash bro brawl. samus a girl) anyway, 9 cuz it was longer than last time.

Excellent Story!

I love following the story, I just can't stop watching!
It was badass when Link went uber with the master sword.


i rlly liked it... oh and the end music was from bleach barely noticed xD


there geting better this one was great


This is why i love series.. it's like an entire movie.

You got some serious skill with story and fights and everything.

I can't wait to watch the other 2.

oh yeah

i like it alot .BY THE AY PEOPLE: SAMUS is a woman not a guy if you want proof come to my account page. getting back on topic i like this series

again but good

still same sounds but awsome story line and action keep up the goood work


GO SAMUS hes da bomb!


wtf was with the link with multiple movement things behind him like he was in the matrix? and really WTF IS THE PRPL THING???!??!?!?!?!?!??! MY GOD I AM 2 PWNZOR 4 JOO!!!!


Why did u involve DBZ? If u r goin to make SMB flash dnt bring sumfin else in2 it. It was gd up until u had the chars go all Saiyan on us. Other than that, this seems to b half decent so far. I have seen 1-3 and am about 2 watch 4. Hope it is better than this

Another time, almost perfect

It was another time very good, and it reminded me of DBZ. If thats good or bad you can decide...





wicked awesome, nice luigi doing a spirit bomb kick ass!


its a great piece but io cant stress enough that u put inuyasha in! ps inuyasha is me!

i like this one a lot.

i thought yoshi died. thx that he dint die though.but well it looks like im going to be in the next eps. thx a bunch! ps was link zero? he ran like him. err flew.

simply cute

Now that they have got farther they truly are trying to bring out all they got to stop evil

Hope they win

a little better

still feels rushed but nice fights and sound hope to see 4 soon

Its good but i have to know....

Is there a story behind this cause im lost, and before you call this a useless review let me give you my reasons: In the second one those dark two leg demons came out of nowhere along with a shadow mario which can appear out of nowhere, and in this one yoshi randomly runs into the mario bros and then they are in the black and white forest where shadow mario is still alive with his shadow pals and the purple dog thing so what happens next, link is magically right near them with the master sword oh a luigi does a spirit bomb which i think killed the shadow guys so basically im confused but it is a good series i like 4 and 5 the best so keep up the good work just work on the story......

PS: They left luigi behind =o

this is so cool

this is so cool

nother great one.

lol that was great. and having luigi do a spirit bomb thing made me laugh




ok, seeing a third great movie, this is the best seires i have watched so far!


nice movie, thoug i have to ask one question on one phrase.

Blue Hedgehog, hmmmmm


nice job love bleach sound traks XP


what was up with link's running at the end????????


Samus Kicks ass!!!

By the way good Movie!!!!


nice episode. music from bleach, and some music from etroid prime 2 echos (i think) and music from sumthing else i forgot.


To all who think Yoshi died: LINK USED THE SONG OF HEALING TO REVIVE THEM. Stop half-watching movies before you spread propaganda
To clarck12000: Nobody cares about those things you mentioned. Of course the battle's not currently taking place on earth, the characters don't really exist, duuuuh. And don't tell him where to get sprites from, thats considered spam I think.
To anybody who did or wanted to vote 0: You have no taste

The movie was great, just one thing: Shadow C. Falcon used the Falcon Punch way too many times, normaly that move would destroy everything in a 4 mile radius, heh it was still good

nice and to poster before me

dude its a movie... just shut up and watch it


It was pretty good but there are a lot of errors :)
-> When Link picks up the master sword, he warps in the future, not just grows up ... And the master sword is in the temple of time, not in the woods
-> That story isn't happening on earth ...
-> When did mario learn to do spirit bombs ?
-> Mario's walking sprites are horrible x) Use the same one as Alvin Earthworm.
-> When did Yoshi & DK learn to talk ? ^^'
-> When Yoshi says that he'll lead everyone to a friend of his, he says "Follow me" but the group actually follows Luigi ... And why does Link look like he's moving at lightning-speed ?

all my favorite stuff

wow awesome samus aran, big bang attack ,spirit bomb, cool fighting and nice music it's like a dream come true man your vids rock


Just Beautiful............thought that yoshi died ther. :'( (sniff)

Good Job

Lol dude, you use a random background of music but it flows. Full Metal Alchemist, LoZ: Majoras Mask, and DBZ. I just started watching the series and I find it thoroughly entertaining,




it just keeps getting better! I love the music and sound effects you use it makes the fighting really entertaining :D I know this is a bit offtopic but does every number 3 of a series seem shorter than the rest to yall? I mean this one and jurassic park,blade 3, I can go on but seriously keep up the work you really good at this :D

great but short

awsome movie it was a little short but still good

I give this a nine.

Great job! The Yoshi thing was a little intense (I mean... it's a sprite!) but otherwise, great job!


once again. good job Mr. Sanchez. The saga of Nintendo's heroes continues!


it seems to get better and better


The music is epic and i almost cry when yoshi die XD dude you are my new god

It's okay

Good animations, it looks cool, but personally, never mix Nintendo characters and Dragonball, the results usually end up rather... wrong, fight scenes, you're doing it wrong.


I think you should do this series, then the MBZ. i forgot what does that mean i wanted to see it, but i forgot the name


you suprize me. suspense is your best tool you should use more often :)


.................holy crap luigi omg omg AWSOME


KEEP THE COMMING! im likeing this series.






ok better than the last so a 10 this time. a little dbz like but hey that's cool I like that :-)

:0 cool

it was better than the second


That was the best one so far keep it up!!!!

that was to cool

dude add the new characters =DDD

y is mario always the main guy?

its good but it reminds me of dbz in many ways but still good


I love this series ur really good but one question whats the name of the song at the ending credits?


It was great except for the fact that Bowser was spelled wrong.

Good Job, rather =P

And yes, the blood was necessary...Besides, its not like it was an absolute gorefest =P I liked it ^^

Yeah, but

Is the blood really necassary?

Hmm good good..

Good just need some improvments on some little things such as: Slow it down but not to slow Cus samus scene was just boom dead
But apart from that it rocked

Best one so far.

Your grammar problem seems to have been fixed. But you spelled Bowser "Bowzer" :[ Loved the music and animations.

Well, to much DBZ

But its amazing. If you need a little grammar i can help

Man... you don't cease to amaze me!

this series is just amazing, I can't help it, I love this series, I'm excited to now watchg the fourth installment... don't fail me now!


This is the best fucking seris out there!!! some people might not think so!! but i love this seris so much i wana fucking marry it!!! lol... yea i wana marry it so what... its so fucking good!! and the animation fucking owns!!! and its plot is so good too and it makes the game seem cooler and make more sence than it allready has!!


this stuff is still very good keep it up!

Nice job

Dude, nice work the storyline it's good and other things...


I don't care about what other people said about you copying off of DBZ to much I liked... And when Master Hand Said some thing about a blue hedge hog does that mean Sonic is going to be in this to... hope so, good work though.


this flash is so sweet like the storyline and all nice job

A nice flash

Interesting stoyline, good use of sprites, and you even used BGM from Bleach :D

ahhh the magus fight song

the fight was good for a sprite flash and i got to say that song makes almost anything cool. the work needs to be done on the background and foreground

I quote--

"i inspire myself from some real anime, not just a sprite flash"

Ding! There's your problem--you copy off things like DBZ too much. Groan.

Didn't like it, storyline was weak, sprites were used badly and it just generally annoyed me. There's your review.

A littile

Hey the show is very good and all but u copy off of dragon ball z a little too much


good animations and moves recomend it to others. i like the whole samus thing at the end

Best one yet!

keep up the good work, best one yet!

Very good

excellent. make sure to check the smash bros site and other sites for other characters like olimar and R.O.B.. ALso, in you 4th one, bowser is already in it so how can you have giga bowser?

It's great.

But you should watch some Super Mario Bros Z. You have the potential to at least come close to such great fighting animation.

One star off...

I think Luigi was a little unfair with that super move..
Couldn't he have used it on master hand?

good fight

i agree it was too DBZ the animations were good and i like the last scene the secrets of evermore rocked good job

Way To DBZ On Us!

You when To Far with the cheesey DBZ moves...But u made up for it with the Samus and Link Sceens.


cool great action

Hmm, not bad.

You should really work on the text, its out of character and rubbish.
Samus isn't the person who would say "Hope"
DK doesnt worry about a green dinosaur, Mario and Link usually dont talk much, neither does Luigi. And Charecter is spelled with an A!

For the sake of your self-confidence, I won't rate this Flash, don't be too hard on your self and...hire a scriptwriter.


Thanks for the samus kickass scene! ohhhh yeah!

best 1 so far

i liked this 1 the most out of the 3

too much DBZ......

way too much Dbz (no offense to all who like DBz). other than that this vid was gr8, especially with the graphics ^_^

This is much better!

LOL At the fireball at the start. Luigi spirit bomb!!!!!

i think this was better

this was better than the others congrats dude!!!!!! :D

but you still got some details left


nice job.

Good job! :D

I liked this one alot, great job! :)
Lol, Luigi doing spirit bomb = priceless





luigi spirit bombd their ass lol


i liked how you used the others rather then only the super mario ones. I mean now link and samus are both bad ass


Luigi just did a spirit bomb, haha, nice DBZ references =) and keep up the good work =)

Good as the rest. I hope the fourth is better.

You were smart to put Bleach music in. A lot of people like Bleach, including me. (Honestly I think it's better than Naruto. A lot better.)


W00t, samus pwns. And so do u.

really awesome

great job and everything. i hope that you make ike have a flashy entrance and fight. the series looks good and i have no major complants


the newcomers are sonic, snake, and king dedede (not sure about the last one) awsome though.

Good Shyt Yo

its startin 2 get intersting

I thought it would be longer tho


a:Link cant talk
b:How could you do that to yoshi?!
c:yoshi can only say yoshi
D:over all...it was AWSOME!!


Everything felt good except for the revival seen. I usually watch submissions for storyline, and the idea of reviving yoshi felt tacked on. Also, what's that music you used for the master hand scene, I've heard it b4, but can't remember where its from


it left me speechless


samus is cool

You call yourself a nintendo fan

BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you like sonic like every aspect of your flash screams it the music the dialoge everything but that's okay i like sonic too

Fighting was great

I can tell your a huge fan of dragon ball z!


The animation of samus was nice! The backgrounds were also nice.

Good job

Realy good I loved it along with the otheres but when there all walking in the forest why does link have an after-image behind him? Liked the fight scenes alot too.


Oh yeah, look at that power, but one thing, since when did the song of healing revive the dead? ye know, healing and resurrection...




u used bleach music!!!

Junkie Cool

This whole series is so cool!

Yoshi NOOOOO!!!!!

Heh, had me going there for a sec. Can't wait to see the newcomers in all their pixelated glory.

thats what i call a battle

i can't wait to see what you do with the new comers


The twists and turns of this story are cool. Great animation and the fights are cool. Nothing more to add.

very good animation

BTW if u need help translating i can help you, i talk perfect english and spanish, si necesitas ayuda traduciendo todo yo puedo ayudar, solo mandame un PM y ahi vemos como hacerlo

samus kicks but

You really dont dissapoint do you. This is completelt awesome. By the way would you ever consider making a flash game based on this series.


its okay, except the dialog sucks, and the scenes are missplaced. the words need to be a little more in depth, everything moves too fast. the healing ocarina seems kind of cheesy too. just some things to improve on.

really good, keep up the work

I like this, I really do. I'm omw to the 4th one as I write this review!

Although good, it needs a good grammer/spelling check XD

Sweet! I love this!

Thank you for not killing Yoshi...

awesome but even better

this is awesome but it would be even better with fox or an evil ssb character assasin or something

Awesome! =D 10/10

You definitely need to make a 4th one. Samus PWNS! XD

The whole Song of Healing to revive them all was also awesome. =]

Great job.

too short

like this review. it is short


I bet mario ball Z is going to make to the front PAGEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And can I be in the master hand collab. THIS VIDEO IS BETTER TAN SUPER MARIO BROS>Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Flash

I await Number 4 and like many others i am indeed surprised this isnt on the Mario Collection. The flash is good, Didnt hear much music buyt then again i was paying attention to the flash itself. fight scenes were good but short make them a little longer if possible in the future. Have a good life and a successfull flash life as well XD.


Keep it up! This is right up there with SMBZ and Sonic: Nazo Unleashed in my books! I've been watching sense episode one, how many do you plan on making?


Why isnt this in the mario collection this rocks!!Keep it up man!

that was awesome!

that was the best one yet! but whens the next one coming???

Nice Job..

Nice job ur getting better and better. U know I read that comment and I think we should blam that guy. Also I hope U check out A series Im working on right now. I have everthing ready all I need to do is download a few things and I'll get started. Other than the Dbz fighting included onto this series its going to be very, very original so I hope u check it out when it come out. Good job though.

I'll have to see the 1st episode!

Perfect! Excellent audio and very well picked music! Some of your sprites may be old but You worked well with them meaning perfect graphics. Your action was great w/plenty of blood when neccecary. Your story is terrific because I have never seen anyone make a sprite flash about SSB. You don't need any humor for this series so don't worry about not being funny. Overall, Perfect like I said before! This is a series you should stick with because it has a good story going and could even rival other action sereies on the sight like SMBZ and SQFP. Its best you stay on this since your progressing at a good pace and I'm on the edge of my seat for the next episode. Its one of those sprite oddesseys were several characters unite to fight a common enemy and learn about themselves and others along the way. Your series is just like that and could become better now that you have foreshadowed Sonic the hedgehog and 2 other characters. I love these kinds of sprite flashes and I always wanted to write a story anout SMB including non-nintendo characters who must face the master hand and you have brought that dream to life. Thank You! Keep up the excellent work!


ur right about the artists not makin flashs cuz of ppl like AkumaTh. this movie was awsome man. this is even better then ur SMBZ flashes (in my opinion). dude make number 4 quick cuz these series r one of the best.

The series is alright...

To defend Trixiaoyu for a bit, the fight between Mario's Party and the Polygon Team did have a SMBZ feel to it. Specifically the part where Yoshi gets smashed into the mountains...

The fighting does have more of a DBZ feel to it then a SSB feel since it's fast pace, big special effects and have the sound effects from there. The only thing I see of SSB style is the sound effects. The text could be bigger so it can be easier to read. (See Scene with Bowser, DK, and Link). But so far so good. Keep up the good work.


Well i think u made to much use of the tool that puts the colour in the middle back around the outside, samus's beam was way more impressive then any other beams. So i gave you a 7/10 and a 4/5 as well

Pretty decent.

I would say about medium to top notch on this one. Ive seen better but i have seen worse so you get a 4/5 and a 7/10.


i absolutely love this flash series!

new mario sprites would make this better

it was ok but the Mario and liugi sprites aren't very good.try getting ones from Mario and Luigi super star saga those are better


A pretty impressive little flash, even if it was sprite animation. Reminded me of the good ol' days when I watched DragonBall Z... It was kinda cheesy, but awesome enough for a 10.

this is so cool

Amazing job on this, but does this mean Mario Ball Z will stop? :(
anyway keep it up, you are amazing

Also Trixiaoyu, if it was a copy of anything it would DEFENITLEY be SSB and its not even the sam only the characters, the polygons and master Hand

and what supernaijo100 said about mario fighting always mistaken for a copy of SMBZ... you should never judge like that

Yay ssb

I'm really disturbed by what the reviewer down below said, i mean, it seems as though everytime someone has a good flash but one with mario fighting in it people take it as though the guys copying off SMBZ.
Nice effects...

I gave this submission a vote of "3"

Cool story, but unfortunately it was kinda non-original as you tried to copy SMBZ a bit!!

Very strange...

Why the heck was the first one of the series the best? Maybe it's because there wasn't much conversation and you can clearly see how damn you suck at grammar =)
Anyway, keep going.

<deleted> responds:

you know im latin right?


the purple guy were the fighting polygon team yes? and u made heaps of mistakes in the writing but story was great

I have a question...

what was the purple thing in Guardia Forest that Samus was fighting?

I can dig it.

Not bad, pretty good use of filter effects. Good work overall.

good but not perfect

really good animation, but could ya mess with the dialogue a bit, there was a ALOT of errors. Other then that, it was amazing.

okay, im impressed

awesome job hommie. you have some serious animation skills. i hope you keep more of these coming. and if you could please keep me updated on when the next episode will come out. im very interested!

I saw your flash

where is ness and the ice climbers? they are in super smash brothers melee too


holy frikkin crap that was awesome!man you better keep sendin in more of them super smash videos man!this video is just flat out great!!!

not bad not bad

once again another good movie in the series. once again animation was great and so was the audio great job once again.

Lol awesome

very much like DBZ, and SSBM, hey are u considering making the 4th one on lets say SSBB? with all the new character's and etc. Anywayz nice flash, going right next to my other favorites :)


wow... dont piss off luigi lol


this was great. I love the hints to snake and sonic and the other brawl newcomers. I also found it funny how of course luigi is gonna kick everyone's ass.
The young link to older link transision was genius and i find it funny in all sprite movies with donkey kong how much different he looks from normal sprites.
try lookin for a different sprite of him to make him blend in more with teh rest of the movie. Other than that i loved it

Good job, bien hecho

Your series is good, even though not graphically, the storyline is good.
Tu serie esta bien hecha, lo unico malo es la calidad pero la historia esta bien.

wow so soon.

didn't expect this one to be ready so soon, i was pretty mad about the yoshi thing at first but i felt a lot better at the end. don't worry about the bad reviews too much, those people just want attention, i suggest not giving them any. at least that's what i do.

ah not really the thing

yeah i beg you stop working on the "new" serie called "shadow the hedgehog" cause its not new and its surely boring.

back to the fflashh it was ok but i didnt saw anything i didnt see before, so i give you 3/5


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4.52 / 5.00