ALIENS the Board Game

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This is an adaptation of the ALIENS board game made by Leading Edge Games into Flash.

It is a hard game, but there are only 3 missions. Enjoy the difficulty.

Good luck.

"One express elevator to hell, going down"

Flamer kills don't have acid spray. Use them on aliens up close, but when the alien is on a marine, it's too late for flamers. Use melee (fist icon) to try to throw the alien off.

Pistols are almost useless. These marines should just move or help melee an alien off one of his buddies.

Grenades kill aliens 1 square away from the blast square, but injure marines up to 6 squares away. Plus, there is a chance the grenade will miss the target square by one, so plan carefully if you want to use grenades.

NOTE: It was designed for 1024x786, so I'm sorry if it's hard to make out some details in 800x600.

07/25 2008 - uploaded V1.2
Fixed many bugs.
Added ammo restrictions.
Added the ability to flame the ground.
Added the Apone rule into the Reactor mission.
Improved the Alien AI.
Added a score system (Thanks to DMC for the idea).
Added a brightness control.
Fit the preloader music in.

12/04 - uploaded V1.1
Fixed some bugs.
Added some features to help first time players.
Mission summary now tracks total and individual kills, just for fun.

11/06 - uploaded a new version.
Fixed a sound bug.
Juggled the sound to include music at the menu.
Added an indicator that an alien target has a marine.


Make it easier

you may enjoy this level of dificulty but wtf it's hard as hell!!!!
I tried many kinds of diferent tactics but still it was only when i used the only move when everyone is dead that i could win IT TOOK ME HALF AN HOUR!!!!!!
Don't make a game this hard remember normal people are playing ^_^
Graphics and sound were good.


not a bad game but the detial could be imroved cant see the aliens XD

I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, some of it really feels like an Aliens experience, like especially closer to the beginning. The reactor is pretty well done, except that aliens can spawn anywhere, which I don't think is supposed to happen. Operations is the one I really do not like. I try my hardest, but so many aliens show up. The first rule of Aliens is: for every alien, there must be a dead human with a hole in his or her chest. It didn't seem like real Aliens when all of them spewed into Operations. It was nothing short of ridiculous in my opinion.

don't mean to be mean

I am an absolutely massive fan of the alien series and don't like detracting from other peoples efforts but i didn't feel like i was playing a game here. I played this quite a few times and read the tutorials but in the end i didn't feel like i had any control. aliens would appear on top of my marines on various levels, some aliens would practically survive everything i threw at them and in the end i felt like i was playing a game of dice where any decision i made was inconsequential. i wouldn't have any suggestions to fix this other than remake the entire thing. sorry :(

homedrone responds:

I don't think this game has mass appeal, so scores like yours are understandable.

There are a lot of random factors in the game. But I can consistently get 5 or 6 troops off on the first mission. You need some luck to get them all maybe. Something that is missing in my game is the data cards for each marine that you play with. The card shows you all their chances to kill the aliens at each range category. From that, you can see how best to use your weapons. I left them out cause I was lazy and cause I found you could figure it out just from trial and error. But for those who it might help, here is a basic run down of the weapons effectiveness :

Pistol: Has a range of 6 squares, but is really only effective one or two squares away, and that's using at least 2 actions.

Flame Unit: Has a range of 4 squares, and is effective at all 4 squares with 2 actions. At one or 2 squares, 1 action could be enough. This weapon needs a clear line of sight to the target.

Pulse Rifle: Has unlimited range, but effective range is 6 squares with 2 actions and 2 squares with 1.

Machine Gun: Also has unlimited range, and is good up to 6 squares with 2 actions. 2 squares with 1. Can kill two aliens with one shot. Shoot at aliens standing next to each other and select the alien hardest to hit.

Shotgun: Basically the same as the pulse rifle, being just a little more accurate at shorter ranges and a little less accurate at longer ranges, but not significantly so. Has limited ammo.

I realize, this might not address the issues you have with the game, but I thought I'd put it in here anyway. In defense of the game, I think the designers did a great job of taking the movie aliens and making a set of rules that on average will get results similar to the movie. If you play well, you can do better, and if you don't, you will do worse. But that said, I can see why it's not for everyone.

This needs a LOT of improvement.

The learning curve is far too great.
The non-interactive tutorial is not very helpful. Make an interactive tutorial instead.
Marines and Aliens should be much, much more visible, because it's difficult to see anything.

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4.27 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2007
10:41 AM EST
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