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ALIENS the Board Game

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Nov 4, 2007 | 10:41 AM EST

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Author Comments

This is an adaptation of the ALIENS board game made by Leading Edge Games into Flash.

It is a hard game, but there are only 3 missions. Enjoy the difficulty.

Good luck.

"One express elevator to hell, going down"

Flamer kills don't have acid spray. Use them on aliens up close, but when the alien is on a marine, it's too late for flamers. Use melee (fist icon) to try to throw the alien off.

Pistols are almost useless. These marines should just move or help melee an alien off one of his buddies.

Grenades kill aliens 1 square away from the blast square, but injure marines up to 6 squares away. Plus, there is a chance the grenade will miss the target square by one, so plan carefully if you want to use grenades.

NOTE: It was designed for 1024x786, so I'm sorry if it's hard to make out some details in 800x600.

07/25 2008 - uploaded V1.2
Fixed many bugs.
Added ammo restrictions.
Added the ability to flame the ground.
Added the Apone rule into the Reactor mission.
Improved the Alien AI.
Added a score system (Thanks to DMC for the idea).
Added a brightness control.
Fit the preloader music in.

12/04 - uploaded V1.1
Fixed some bugs.
Added some features to help first time players.
Mission summary now tracks total and individual kills, just for fun.

11/06 - uploaded a new version.
Fixed a sound bug.
Juggled the sound to include music at the menu.
Added an indicator that an alien target has a marine.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is just great and how it should be. Yes, it is hard and sometimes you even don't have a chance to get through. But if you hang on, find the best tactic and spend some time you
- definitely can kill the Queen and get the 500 bonus points for it
(If you manage to concentrate your firepower over three rounds on the Queen without letting her to near; 'should have two smartguns; granates are not as usefull but you can 'activate' her with a (nearby) hit to let her come; cover yourself with flamed ground)
- can get all of your Marines through the reactor which makes operations nearby easy
(Hold your folks tight together; in round 7 send Hicks to open the door without looking back; when Newt finds the door to the right, let the pistol guys go; the rest fights other aliens, with grenades if possible; then send the rest keeping Hicks and Apone; they fight for time and seal the door as late as possible; then everybody go for the landing bay)
- can get all of your Marines through operations no matter if you started with reactor or operations (second one is tough)
- can rescue Newt afterall without loosing one Marine (Thats also possible if you started with operations, but tougher; untill now I have not been able to do the perfect game: Kill the Queen, rescue Newt AND Burke, loose no marine; thats my goal now : )

Folks: Don't complain about the difficulty. It's all right. It shows you the difference between a movie and 'real life'. The game become allready a lot easier since you can flame ground.
Watch carefully, think hard and do the right thing!

And remember: Marines which you don't loose to the Aliens you don't have to rescue later! It's a fine thing to start Rescue Newt with 10 marines. Two of them come through anyway.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just some comments related to the guys (e.g. pirate593) who complain about the difficulty of the game. This comment contains some useful hints, so those who want to find out their own strategies and explore the game by themselves, please do not read further.

A note: the 'grabbing' means an alien grabs your marine by appearing during the aliens turn and you can do nothing with it. Most of all other aliens could be killed, so if you are grabbed then you have really bad luck or you play to risky.

The game is playable, however, you must have very good strategy (how to move, when to shoot, choose appropriate order of the marines, ...). Yes, you can have very bad luck in case aliens grabs a marine, however, if the other marines are nearby, it is a good chance to save the grabbed one - so it is very important to move the marines in a good formation so they can help each other every time. Follow this strategy, you are almost able to eliminate 'grabbing' (yes, a marine could be killed immediately, then it is a bad luck). This is useful advice for all levels.

Generally, I have found it is better to be slow and safe - it means it is better to shoot than do risky moves. This is good strategy especially for the Reactor level.

The Operations are very good playable even if you have only the default characters (Gorman, Hicks, Vasquez, Hudson and Ripley - unfortunately, to have less than three fully armed - not those with pistols - marines make the level almost unplayable). The hint lies in putting the marines into right places and use grenades. Then you can save all of the marines. In the tunnel, aliens appear always in the same key. Apone or Hicks are good guards in the tunnel (they can do one move and then shoot with a pretty good chance of hit). In case you have almost all marines saved in the Reactor then the Operations level is quite easy and routine work. Yes, you can still have very very bad luck, but in this case you can loose no more than one marine (in really really bad case two of them).

The last level is probably the most difficult. The easiest is probably only in case you have just Ripley, Apone and Hicks. Not so many aliens appear and you have always three moves. But you can save only three humans and trying to kill the alien queen is a bit suicide (you do not have enough firepower). Having more marines leads you to play very gently in a tactic and strategic way - it is a bit like a chess. The good news is you can almost absolutely avoid the grabbing: do not stay near the shafts and after entering the room it is better to go out and wait three turns. The last hint is annoying and time consuming but necessary. Time is your worst enemy. The good strategy: take the Ripley, Apone and Hicks and go for the Newt. The rest of the marines can clean up the closest rooms and prepare the way back.

It is possible to reach quite a good score (IMHO over 7000 points) and save Newt, Burke and the marines. To be able to get such high score you have to train and learn (or be very very lucky). Have a good luck!

Tip: if Vasquez shoots first, you will get 'Let's rock!' 100 points extra (in the Reactor and the saving Newt mission).

P.S. To homedrone: thanks for the nice game.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love it this is a good game to play i hope this makes it Good job

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Stuff

I have a couple copies of the board game (with expansion) and a several pounds of the miniatures. You actually improved on the game, I think.

I think you should take things a step further and make more scenarios, and add in the missing scenarios (dropship vs. alien and powloader vs queen).

PS: You're correct (not XenomorphSlayer), it was Hudson, NOT Hicks that said the "one express elevator..." quote. How a "fan" of the movie could get that famous quote wrong, I don't know!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I just ran into a glitch on "Operations". I had just cut down the first door, and had four marines left.
Ripley and Newt had both been killed. I sealed the first door. But I was unable to cut down the second door. I had Hicks, Frost, Dietrich and Gorman left. For the next fifteen turns I waited for a chance to do anything. I was unable to do anything and the aliens broke through the door and overwhelmed my remaining forces. Is that a glitch or was that supposed to happen? Please fix it if it was a glitch, it was really inconvenient.