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ALIENS the Board Game

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Nov 4, 2007 | 10:41 AM EST

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Author Comments

This is an adaptation of the ALIENS board game made by Leading Edge Games into Flash.

It is a hard game, but there are only 3 missions. Enjoy the difficulty.

Good luck.

"One express elevator to hell, going down"

Flamer kills don't have acid spray. Use them on aliens up close, but when the alien is on a marine, it's too late for flamers. Use melee (fist icon) to try to throw the alien off.

Pistols are almost useless. These marines should just move or help melee an alien off one of his buddies.

Grenades kill aliens 1 square away from the blast square, but injure marines up to 6 squares away. Plus, there is a chance the grenade will miss the target square by one, so plan carefully if you want to use grenades.

NOTE: It was designed for 1024x786, so I'm sorry if it's hard to make out some details in 800x600.

07/25 2008 - uploaded V1.2
Fixed many bugs.
Added ammo restrictions.
Added the ability to flame the ground.
Added the Apone rule into the Reactor mission.
Improved the Alien AI.
Added a score system (Thanks to DMC for the idea).
Added a brightness control.
Fit the preloader music in.

12/04 - uploaded V1.1
Fixed some bugs.
Added some features to help first time players.
Mission summary now tracks total and individual kills, just for fun.

11/06 - uploaded a new version.
Fixed a sound bug.
Juggled the sound to include music at the menu.
Added an indicator that an alien target has a marine.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Finally beat Operations

This was the first time I ever beat operations. I actually beat the third mission before completing the second one, which I believed impossible. Barely made it, too. Ripley and Newt were the only survivors. Hicks almost made it, but was too slow reloading.

The only way to beat that mission, as far as I can tell, is to grenade spam the beginning. Try to keep hudson/hicks or vasquez/hicks alive. Have vasquez or hudson unlock/seal the door, since their accuracy kind of sucks.

This is a really, really great game. I've played it a lot, and you should be applauded for reproducing it. I'm wondering if there's a rulebook out there I could purchase, or if someone could *ahem*, reproduce it for the public.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great recreation of the game!

Love it, was my favorite board game growing up and my favorite franchise.

One bug you have, the 'flame ground' doesn't pay attention to empty ammo.

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homedrone responds:

Doh! Good find.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Fantastic. Just wish you could get better weapons for the pistol wielding Marines in the Operations scenario.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome work

I had this board game as a youth and it was awesome, played it all the time. You did a great job replicating it. Here are my only suggestions/wishlists:

1. "A marine has a 00 chance of hitting a target." That was on a 10-sided die in the board game, so you actually had a 1 in 10 chance of hitting with 00 (on a 10-sided die 10 is indicated by 0). As far as I can tell, a marine in your version cannot hit a target when 00 is indicated. So I think your aiming system is off by one unit. For example, in the board game, Hicks needed a 7 or lower to hit an alien with his shotgun at one space, but "10" equaled zero, so he'll hit that alien 8 out of 10 times. If I'm wrong, I apologize, but I think I may be correct.

2. In the board game, there were optional rules that you should definitely integrate: The Apone rule, Frost rule, and Dietrich rule. There was also a stairway rule. As I recall, the board game starts out with the requirement that the team cannot move past the right edge of the center stairwell for 5 rounds. Additionally, at any time a marine in a square adjacent to the stairway is grabbed, then freed by his comrades, there was a chance he might stumble and fall over the railing and plummet to his doom. Aliens that were melee'd off the stairwell were also considered killed (though I always thought they'd probably survive the fall)

Apone rule: If Apone is captured, no one can move for 3-4 turns (not sure if I remember that right).

Dietrich rule: If a marine with a flame unit is grabbed by an alien, there is a chance they will accidently trigger their flame unit. If the flame unit was accidently triggered, one square surrounding the grabbed marine was be flamed. Aliens or marines in adjacent squares could be hit and would be killed accidently.

Frost Rule: Obviously, if Frost is accidently (or purposely) flamed, an explosion equal to a grenade detonates from his space in 2-3 turns.

3. It would be cool if you gave the option to not surrender the ammo in the reactor (just for fun, the game would not continue on if that option is chosen).

4. Put Ferro and Spunkmeyer in there as options, why not? I know you said in a previous post that you didn't want to mess with the integrity of the original game, but I must mention that the board game didn't have an ammo counter. If you want to take it a bit further, I always though Hudson should have been a 3-action character or at least have Vasquez's accuracy with the pulse rifle.

5. Picking up weapons. One of the coolest parts of your game is that you see the captured marines rifle/flame unit on the ground after they're carried off. Why not give a marine walking through that square the option to pick up the weapon (except the smart guns). Drake actually does this in the reactor in the movie (I believe he picks up Apone's flame unit, and uses it at the end of the retreat).

That's all I've got. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these. Again awesome job!

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homedrone responds:

Your enthusiasm for the game, like many who have posted here, is really great to me. Thanks for posting.

1. You were thinking well, But alas, I have the odds correct. You did make me double check my math though ;) In my game, a 00% chance is the equivalent of a blank space on the range card. A 10% chance in my game is the same as a 0 on the range card.

2. I put in a variation of the Apone rule. Instead of everyone not moving if he is killed, I made it, he can't move for the first 3 turns. ( you can optionally choose to go that path by using the helmet icon during Apone's turn. It gives you more points if you do so). I liked the idea of making this rule a choice by the player instead or random bad luck.

The other rules are cool, but they just make it harder. And since it's already pretty hard, I haven't had the drive to put them in. They might make it in some version.

3. Actually, there's no reason the game would have to end. The heat exchanger was ruptured by Vasquez and Drakes machine gun fire in the end anyway. So, you get the same result. I could put that option in with a big hit to your points. Again, maybe some version.

4. The ammo is a rule in the expansion set. So it's cannon to the board game. Putting Ferro and Spunkmeyer in wouldn't be messing with the game, it would be messing with the movie plot! ;)

5. I dropped the ball on that one. I just didn't design the game well. To put in the feature to pick up weapons would be a huge job. It would be better to just remake the whole thing with hindsight and fix all my previous mistakes. Which I might do one day.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent again

Sorry made an error with the link I wrote before.. age=aliensboardgameend2jc3.png

This is the image you should check out..

hammerogod some pointers on finding newt on level 3...

-As soon as you start in the elevator launch a grenade deep into the hive downwards direction (southwards), this will irritate the Queen and she will come running after you, if you have played from Level 1 and have more of a team you can then fire many shots at her and it is easier to kill her. If you are on your own with just ripley, you need to fire many grenades at a distance right at her (you need a direct hit to wound her), then run like hell shooting and running, you can use walls to hide behind and confuse her also, it is difficult.

-Use ripleys scanner to detect Newt..

-If you have more of a team on level 3 split the group up, I use a healthy rescue team of my best units (Usually Ripley, Apone, Hicks) and then have a backup reserve team holding the elevator area (usually the rest of the marines and any injured units). You can use the reserve team as a distraction to the aliens, while the rescue team extracts Newt. Also the reserve team can be used to fire deep grenades into the hive and you can even move them up to the corridor for additional support. Also when you have rescued newt and need to get out things can always go wrong, this is when I throw the reserves in as backup.

-Remember when you find Newt the top corridor explodes, you are going to have to go through the hive to get out.

Check out the link, it proves the game is not impossible, I only lost vasquez in the whole game (and burke who I left on purpose), the rest of the team though battered survived.

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