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Asteroid Rampage II

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Continuing the story of asteroid's rampage. The asteroids have decided to mount a counter-offensive agaist humanity. Destroy 7 bosses and kill Earth's outer colonies in this installment.

Note: Before you accuse me of "stealing" the idea from "Crash to Survive" by Adam Schroeder. Please know that he asked me permission to make Crash to survive because Asteroid's revenge was my series at first. If you want proof, check the kongregate thread here: http://www.kongregate.com /games/Archbob/asteroids-

I am getting very tired of people accusing me of stealing an idea when it was mine in the first place and rating my work low solely because of that.

Also please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS(people seem to suck at doing that these days) and play a few levels before judging as each level has more powerups than the last.

Yes, the game is very hard past level , 7 levels in all, have fun.

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Interesting take on reversing the roles on the asteroids game...
But something got lost in the execution of your concept...

The game pretty much feels like a generic sidescroller, except that you're running into the enemies instead of avoiding them.
The text on the intro movie went too fast to read as well.

The graphics were pretty nice though, but this game needs something more to make it stand out.

Cute, but...

Text... too... fast... can't... read!! Sound was a little too loud, too. The animation was nice, but like I said, the text at the beginning flys by a little too fast. Keep working on it. =)

really good

i have never played the first game but this one seemed very original compared to other games i play, it was simple and a very different take on asteroids. however the asteroid didnt always follow my mouse & the "bullets" that you fire were hard to aim

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4.09 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2007
11:52 PM EDT