Super smash bros ST 2

November 3, 2007 –
March 13, 2019
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A Metal Slug Yeti splits a toad in half.


nice:) I watched the ending part 7 :) but had to know what happened:) I see the progressive sotry now:)

lul they were walking in a curcle at the end, next time in 3rd person walking towards a location, you should pan the ground faster and the location slower for an illusion of distance.

1000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 / 3000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 sucks

i li ke it!!!

pretty good, better sprites, although marios legs are way to long. i think the regular sprites of running and walking would have been better. still, good stuff!

mario slashed downward

yet nega-mario was only, literally, scalped. hmm. what was that thing that yoshi fought? thought they were sposed to "kill themselves" through the nega versions, but purple raptor thing was killed by yoshi, yet filled nega purple raptor things nega shadow in fronta master hand. what?! and, lookin at the scene titles, why did yoshi go solo in the first place.. still no fox!!!


Is that battle music when Yoshi fought the mistyrious enemy from SA2B. And that one after that? From Megaman Zero?


since when was mario skinny!?!?!?!?

Okay, your series is starting to get better...

This episode is better than part 1. I'd rate it a ten, but I rated it nine because your scene selection doesn't have something like an exit. ... C'mon! I need to check things out! I'm not trying to be pushy!


wow what a series its just like mario bros z with mecha sonic oh my goodness its like every episode it jus improves alot


what is the music from the shadow fight from.


It keeps getting better and better!

vaaaaaaaaaaaary awsome

Mario vs shadow Mario= pure epicness

Liking you SSB videos

I really like this. *Adding author to favs* :)


have blooood +


It's okay, but you've got to question why there was a town of toads on icicle mountain. Perhaps it would've seemed more realistic if, instead of toads, you used those polar bears from the ice climbers series.


The storyline is very good i like the thought of SSB being formed into a good storyline i cant wait to see all the rest of the episodes the sprite animation so far is brill the effects you have used are great they standout and they are very effective to the scne and your scene setup is exellent
10/10 on stars
5/5 on vote


good action sequences, the sound effects give an appeal, animation is good too n theres a good storyline developing!!!!


this is very good

(the monster of metal slug)

great but...

a couple of things. first you still need to work on the blurs, and get a different sprite for when mario is running.

Totally epic

:D dude the fighting scenes are freakin sweet


can't wait to see the next one! :D

Good Sequel

This followed up the first episode perfectly. You explained what happened after mario and luigi disappeared and you even had a little fight between yoshi and his "dark side". So it was a great follow up


Dude you ripped the music from the Power Puff Girls Fight in Megaville? awsomesauce!

no serusly

it was'nt i still agree with eps 1 better lol


that's like subspace emissary in brawl!


its good but mario's ninja run looks gay


for me was kool...pero el otro vid. te hbia quedado brutal

slightly not as good as the thirst ep

i thought it was ok but still i hope the next eps better


the video was is coool :)

woot woot

again, very well done! mario against his "shadow clone" was the best!


The sword sounds rape your ears when you have headphones on.

Ice Climbers / Ness

Nice movie

isnt the ice climbers and ness supposed to be in this movie?

weird thing

not bad but it look kinda digital but ilove the combat


Nice work


GOOD plot and everything, the onlything is the sprites. there are good and bad sprite graphics

hell yeah man conker is the best "WOOT"

YO I love this video just because you had conker ending theme in this movie man 10 stars right for this movie $Conker4LIFE$


You forgot to mention you used the ending credit song to conkers bad fur day in the skit where luigi was walking by himself. I would recognize that theme everywhere cause i live conker D<. CONKER FOREVER<3 a ten cause u had a song from conker in there <.<

Pretty good

A bit better than part 1.
Mario killed a killer...

pretty good.

but where are all the cool characters like Link,Fox,Wolf and Ike?(plus others)

mmm en duda

de hecho esta muy bien animado pero le falta algo
algo que no tienen todos los flash pero de hecho lo que no se vio bien ahi fue los pies de mario son cortos y despues son largos???
de hecho eso es antiestetico pero del punto de vista espectador muy bien hecha
10/10 5/5

The best flash I've seen yet!

I would like to make flash like this, but I don't know how or where to get the supplys. But anyway, Nice work! Keep up the good job!


this great

awesome dude..

u did a great job on this it was awesome!


Well done! Again, really good action scenes and good sounds. I'm starting to see a good story here!


i loved this bcuz yoshi is underused in SSB and i kick ass with yoshi. This gives more respect to him xD

Nobody can beat me when i play yoshi where i live =3

you deserve it

This video deserver 0 stars because it have no action and the story is stupid

yoshi pwns

Wow yoshi rapped that thing in the begining



it was nice

It would be nice if there was a little more action.
But nicely done.

better than smash bros st2!

is yoshi that strong?!


Yoshi kicked some ass!


This one's clearly better than the first one; adding more conversations to it helped solving the plot problem.

Good work, Mario's running sprite simply wasn't fine, but the rest is great.


Dued that was so awseome. Mario kicked ass.

That was awesome

I liked episode 2 even better than episode 1. I thought the mystery killer was a good idea.

FYI after the credits credits

afterthe credits youcan see it again lol

Good movie...

...But Mario runs stupid!


Good stuff

It wasn't bad...

It was pretty good.




so mario DID find luigi...but it was good but it was kinda short



he he ;D

when Mario and Shadow Mario figth then there are a good musik =)

mario run suck

the snow monster was from metal slug 3. great job


the graphics were abit crappy but it was good


Aside from a few grammar mistakes this was a good flash.


I love it when Mario slices his darker self's top head off.


aww man this is to awsome super smash bros ST

ok not as good as alvin earthworm

nothing will be as good as alvin earth worms but its nice


pertty good i am not going to lie


Cool how did u those clones


it was better than the last one much better

"Was than an Yetti?"

Was that a Yetti beating up all of the Toad's? I'm really starting to like the story plot in this series! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


good but i mean its 2 dramatic u kno



Ugh...good but not great

How the hell can you improve graphics on sprites?

...Exactly. I rest this case

@e104joker (author)
You did good animating, but some of it didn't make sense; like when Mario slashed his *dark* side horizontally (upwards), it showed that it only cut off a part of his *dark* side's upper right head, but even that didn't fall off! WTF?

Some of the times you couldn't even spell; Tought instead of Thought and There instead of Their.

And the random fights don't make sense; even with the half-assed storyline (Master Hand knew he was the strongest; challenged them and beat them; he then made *clones* of the fighters to ensure, i guess, his victory); my question is; Why? This isn't a very good story-line.

Random fights, Miss-spelled, Half-assed storyline, etc. 2/5 and 4/10 for me

PS: Why did you make an Ice guy kill every1 at Icicle Post? I understand that it's in like the South Pole, but damn...Talking about random


meh. so-so. good storyline, and action parts, but this was too short.


good story line but the grapthics look bad

it's ok

It's Ok. It's short but has good fight scenes.


keep it up! the words are a little off screen, but still nice!


Second is usually never as good.. That was hot. ^_^

I just would like to see Peach. But it's ok.

Sonic music

Hey you were using a sonic music when Yóshi battled......something (sorry for the wierd o it just happend)

keep it up!

the part two wasn't bad at all good work



good like

it shuldent have the same dieing sound


wut was the yeti thing from? and why was mario runing and luigi walking but going same pace....... AM I JUST 2 PWNOR 4 JOO!!!!!

Pretty good

It weren't 100% though, but it was very good and original. I like the overall concept and shit. It's a good series alltogether

LOLWUT what was yoshi fighting at the start o_o? some... dark lugia thing with no wings, or just random thing no. 12124


That was okay not all great tho


i agree with linkgx his walk does look like sonics, Cool flash this is a instent fav list


pretty cool but is it me or is mario running kind of like sonic?...


it would have been betta if u showed all the shadow charecter vs charecter fights other than that really great


stop fixing mario. i see that u make mario run the way u make him. and walk. he looks funny. i know hes ur fav charater but still dude.


This movie was farely better than the first movie but the fighting scenes are still crazy though and mario looks a little weird when he runs but you did really good otherwise


i like the story alsome 10/10

nice job

again nice fights but it seems as if your hurrying the story and in my opinion that makes the flash suffer still good flash though hope to see more

another good one!

great just like the first. lol i love how yoshi kicked the evil shadow things ass.

one thing is it seems like the text isnt centered on the bottom. it seemed a couple of times parts of sentences or names were cut off. idk if this is just my comp or not just pointin it out.


Mario with LONG Arms and Legs.

2 in a row!

wow, 2 movies in a row that are great! not as good as the first though. but, HOW THE HELL COULD YOU KILL TOAD!!!
hes the best in the game =(

more sword fighting

this vid was awesome but it would be better if the sword fight was longer (sorry if i misspeled something even this) keep em coming

Credit :O

I liked the storyline and such but some of ur grammar isn't so great and I didn't notice that u gave credit to the Megaman X6 music for the Dark Zero fight

okay this one is way to short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can some this up in a couple of words to short!

real nice work man

It was a lot better than the first one! :D The part with the sasquatch was hilarious. I liked how it ended with the song from Samurai X :D...but wat the hell is up with the naruto ninja running crap??

Good job! Better than the 1st

I liked it! The fight animations were fun to watch and I liked how you incorporated Smash Bros. Sound effects.


Great job again!

magnificent, bravo, encore!

i am majorly impressed again. nice continuation of the plot. turning it into an adventure of sorts. i can't wait to see the next one... it's on my todo list that's for sure.

bravo bravo

coudnt have done better my self


this is cool about that ice thing from metal slug.awesome! but what was that purple thing?


U guyz are hispanic!!!!!! me 2...

:D i hope nobody is racist here, no more than i am, Mexico Rocks, ilegal guyz dont though, unless they work real cheap... :D

Just kiddin, awesome flash.

it rocked

This is one of my fav videos. The fighting parts were the best. If you use characters smash attacks, put samas' special of that big blast in part 5. great stuff

not bad at all

pretty intertaining i just wished the characters were not so blurry

im doing this for 1 and 2

GOOD this was great


Dude, u succeed at making action flashes!
Ur good at this! Visit me when u can!

its ok.

who am i kidding its AWSOME!

dont listen to them!

they know nothing that was really good so much drama that was the best im about to watch part 3!

not as good

it sucked compared to the 1st and was really short

and beach and naroto suck altho desint fight sences

Great but...

yeah its awesome but like mario has like long arms? You watch naruto dont you -_- i can tell but the mario fag run lol O

good but

you made a mistake...you mixed sprites...never ever used mixed sprites...always use sprites of the same style...good story though...


Sorry I didnt post a revies on pt 1 I just wanted to see 2 before commenting. I must say im impressed by your work. Although not the best animation wise it is still good. Waht really got me is the gripping story line. Good job ^.^

:l ...

too short


Seriously, bad sync, horrible sound, and you mixed sprite sizes! augh, whatever, a good noob attempt, im not a fancy one myself, but, yea. everyones a critic and all that.


the story sucks, but the fighting kicked ass,
so just stick to the fighting.. and less gay story.

Perty good

The story was kinda badly written though...but who cares! Marios fighting shadow Mario!

What was with the purple thing that Yoshi killed?


Great job... nice vis!!


THAT WAS AWESOME. but you got the music credit wrong for megaman X5. but it was still good.




wow but it should of bin 18+

great series

I don't mind grammar because me and my friends dont talk in grammar, but you should work on it. Otherwise keep it up.

great movie

its ace sprites and stoyline but like the past people have said, grammar and spelling

Very nice

Work on the spelling and grammar.


I enjoyed it a lot!

Don't get on his spelling/grammar; I'm guessing that English is his second language. Correct me if I'm wrong!


Sweet storyline. You're an amazing sprite animator. It's unfortunate that you have such bad spelling and grammar :[


bad grammar...

yoshi PWNS

great video, better than first

Great Kick-ass Movie!

That was Great! Do more of SSBM or SSBB Flash Portal! :)


No more words.

Once again.

wow. Purely genious, I love the animation, and the story is starting to come to life, again, another favorite.

there are not enough words for me to say...

there arnt enough words and expresions that equal to how much i love this movie... it was sad... it was fucking awsome... it makes the game even more sence... i just never knew what people ment when they mean... they love a flash... but this is a one flash... i just love completly... i just love this flash... i have to say it... its hard to explain... not enough words to be said... and this is the longest review i have ever writen for a flash... i just cant help it... this is the best flash ever made... and so is the series... just please never stop making these... make it into a show... and please make a 5 and keep i going forever... i just love this flash to much... thank you for reading


a little bit of the storyline is unravling


Still sad................;(

Not as good as the first one.

I don't think this one's better than the first, but it's okay. The fighting wasn't as good. But the story's getting more suspensful though. But that's pretty smart for the Master Hand making copies of the characters. Mario still proves that he's the strongest Nintendo character. Although, I don't think the blood was necessary. And you could've let Luigi, beat that snow monster. But anyways, I'm going to see the third one now.

Yah A lot better

I really liked Yoshi in this you made him look crazy Good Flash keep it up


it is intresting to see what happens next good job on this falsh


if i didnt alreday know this i would have guessed that u would p sonic in one of the other one of theese an he would pwn

its ok

again good graphics, silly story line. not a bad flash tho


gives a backbone to the smash series very good


It was nice, but I liked the first one more.

This time there was more killing.

I love killing x3


briliant more action than the last one


You spelled "Characters" wrong.
Decent flash. Good job.



Great Action!

SRSY ! Great job = Great Flash :) 8/10 (Great)

I like the story.

It was great actually, but the blood just sucked, you need to add different shades of red to make it look like real blood.

its not as good as the first

it was to short for me

gr8 job!

I think u did a really gr8 job w/ this. the sword fighting w/ Mario vs Dark Mario was awsome.


You probably know this, but some of the text is cut off.
Great job anyway.

It Was Good.

Great Soundtrack! But You'll need To Improve The Graphics.

hmmmmmm -_-

i think the story could have been better but i liked theaction and the idea


That was a good flash


nice job.

I love these videos...

...but the dialogue was cut off a little bit in this one. Some sentances I couldn't read, so I had to guess what was being said. Other wise, great animation. . :)

Stars: 8/10
Vote: 4/5

wow great

this video is awsome

all my 5 gose to this

nice... but needs something else

it was cool, but you need to improve a little bit, the animation was nice, but the story is not.

it would have been great if you placed some lightsaber sound effects in that beam sword battle xD

wow lame

while it is well animated the dialog is just so awful i cant get into it, i dont see how this could be so popular


don't listen to darkside he's a jerk i like your movies much better than darksides
keep it up


there needs to be more action in it and it eeds to be longer, the fight seens were only like 15 seconds which isn't enough to get into it



scene selections

plz make ur scene selections work because when u click it it just goes halfway through the film


this is awsome its my fav game

As good as the first.

You have a good choice in music. I'm pretty sure I heard HALO 3 music in these first two flashes.


Better than the first one, good fob!


I like the way they all fight best. The effects are splendid, pretty good.

damn thats awesome

i really like this series and the animations and fighting are really good. Its just a little too short and it focuses too much on mario and luigi and not so much on any of the other charcters. i'd like to see a sword fight between fire emblem characters. keep it up


wicked dude this was amazing!


This is epic!!


y0shi waS kickin hella a$$ in the beginning; gj.

its gettin good

keep @ it my dude

Nice but...

good work, but too much blood.

Pretty Good.

Its pretty good. The series is starting to remind me of ROTMK and Mario Bros Z mixed together kinda.


I like it.


great thats all i have to say

tht was great

way better than da first

Pretty good

The fighting is pretty tight


The different sounds were on point and the plot is interesting.

Mario owns everybody.

ok 2 bugging things

1.the textboxes

2. the sound when he was killing.

I noticed something.

When I watched this I noticed that some of the text boxes had text cut off. Could you possibly tell me the reason? I was just wondering. I still think this movie deserves
a full 10/10.

<deleted> responds:

sorry i made this a long time ago i was a little abd on flash those days hehe.....
i think i added the date when i finished this on the credits
but i think that is on ST 3
chek it out
tnx for the review :)


luved the boss battle music from sonic adventure 2 during the yoshi fight
the flash was gr8

nice music

you got it from the kenshin movie

I love this series

The poor guys,I liked the sword fight battle

U are good

This movie is awesome, the fighting is awesomer.


no falco falco owns joo allllllllllll!!!!111

i agree Ruizon

That was a ngood story line

Very Imaginative!!

Good Storyline, Cool fights and Very good music and sound. This is def worth a 5/5.


i know where you got the music for mario's battle, ppgd the game

This is too good to be under a 4

This is awesome. I like how all of the sounds and the polygon team are from SSB. It makes it sound more realistic. Maybe in later episodes you should change everything to melee.

cool man wow

hwy that is good keep it up man

ps:make shadow the hedgehog in there

just like the last one...

pretty good but the ending couldve been better


i really like Yoshi, and his fighting scene is sooooooooo good, but why isn't luigi fighting, i like hom more than mario. Nice animation, better than the previous.

very good...

i applaud you
clap clap clap


I remember the fighting polygon team. Nice return.

so far sweet..

i'm about to go watch the next one but in the mean time try to fix the chat boxes...some of the words are out of the screen so it's kinda hard to read.

not bad

another good part in the series good. job once again animation was nice and everything was great. keep up the great job

I agree

part was wayyyyyyy better then the first one lol, but your getting better in your flash, though this series in the 3.50's, and their only a couple reveiw's sadely. Don't worry you'll get to the top 20 one of these day's

Another great one!

I actually liked this better than the first one. Btw, why does DK look so different from the others?

muy buen trabajo mi guero

especialmente con la master hand se movia muy suavemente.

Los sonidos estuvieron excelentemente bien implementados

"Nicely done"

ok..i just watched the first one b 4 this and... i liked them both...audio/sprites great,,i love the way u made the backrounds.following what they should look like..only flaw i was sometimes the text was cut off.....

getting better

lots more action and u have a good plot going. keep it up and cant wait for the next one!


Cool! Can't wait for part 3!

pretty good.

I watched the first one beforehand, it's turning out to be a good series, smash bros is great because it has an allstar cast, hopefully the rest of the story will live up to the name. the episodes are short but that's ok, i'll most likely try to catch the next installment.
good work.


it was worse than part 1 and too short

another great one!

it seems to have too much of a DBZ influence, though


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