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Super smash bros ST

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Master hand has a question and he wonders if he is truly invincible so he summons nintendos all stars to se if all of them combined have a chance against to win!!

EDIT: This is for all of you.
this is an old flash i made ages ago D-Sun said he saw this before here well there is no way because i never submited it and i can proove all ways im the autor.
Second: There is part 2 and 3 this is not the final!!!
Third: This was originaly on 12 fps but it looks very sucky thats why i incresed the speed
Fourth: any questions? dont be afraid to ask ;)

Well if some one of you guys saw Old random mario flashes Roaltyx reviews me telling me to upload this old smash movie i showed him so well here it is
its Super smash bros story!!!
a little tale of master hand and nintendos all stars!


LoL awesome

Poor Mario though. xD But you should have added all the characters.


link gets thrown off first lol you have gotta learn characters actions link would be 1 of the last 2 get thrown off first i no its old but could have at least changed some things kirby would be like the first 2 get thrown off or pikachu or jigglypuff


You missed too many charecters like Marth, Ice Climbers, Fox, Falco, Zelda, Ness, and all the pokemon. Also you should of had them in 3D and have an ending.

Hendertaker responds:

there is part 2 you know this is old

I smell front page!

This is really good! I liked it!! I'm gonna recommend this for Video Game Parodies! I loved it!

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it was pretty okay, i like the action with the sprites but it was a little sterotypical, because it's always mario that comes out on top. Alo, WTF with the end? That part just didn't quite fit in with the rest of it.

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4.22 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2007
7:36 PM EDT