Super smash bros ST

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Master hand has a question and he wonders if he is truly invincible so he summons nintendos all stars to se if all of them combined have a chance against to win!!

EDIT: This is for all of you.
this is an old flash i made ages ago D-Sun said he saw this before here well there is no way because i never submited it and i can proove all ways im the autor.
Second: There is part 2 and 3 this is not the final!!!
Third: This was originaly on 12 fps but it looks very sucky thats why i incresed the speed
Fourth: any questions? dont be afraid to ask ;)

Well if some one of you guys saw Old random mario flashes Roaltyx reviews me telling me to upload this old smash movie i showed him so well here it is
its Super smash bros story!!!
a little tale of master hand and nintendos all stars!


pretty good but

you get a 9/10 for having Roy instead of Marth > :(

Very good but...

The speech bits were cut abit short, apart from that it was Very Cool.


Sprites were pretty choppy. But all in all was VERY good.


pretty good but the ending could have been ALOT better

Nice concept, awesome.

I liked it quite a bit, and I certainly liked the battles and main idea. You did very exceptional`work with those sprites, too. I just thought that you left to much up to Mario. He did great in the end of the movie, but I feel that you made all the other characters weak. They barely put up a good fight, while Mario kicked some serious tail. Distibute strength among groups, like:

Yoshi, Peach, Luigi and DK get blown away (weak)
Roy, Kirby, and Samus don't give in without a GOOD fight (medium)
Mario and Link put up a worthy and difficult fight (strong)

It's just a suggestion that I feel would make it better :)

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4.23 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2007
7:36 PM EDT