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Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2

rated 4.45 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Nov 2, 2007 | 6:08 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place November 3, 2007

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Author Comments

IMPORTANT: This is a rather different version of Chapter 2!
The original was released in 2007, but this version was uploaded in 2010. It's basically a 'remake' in many ways, though the plot and events are generally the same.

Unfortunately, your saves from the old version won't work due to the drastic differences behind the scenes, but there are enough differences, I hope, to make replaying worthwhile. Any saves you make in this version can carry over to later chapters properly.

EDIT (21st of August 2010): Sorry, there'd been bugs with this version for a long time! It's because I fixed the bugs on Kongregate and updated the version there, but didn't do so here... Now I have though, so hopefully all problems will be fixed.

Oh, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have an appropriate Flash Player version! There's a screen at the start that warns you if your version is outdated. If this screen appears *at all*, then you may (probably will) experience some bizarre saving problems. Updating your Flash Player prevents them.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game

its really fun and not too easy wich makes it just my kind of game.
and to help Arasario next to the skill it says wich it is and smite evil is a holy arts and thats why mardek cant learn cos he uses swordplay


Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game

i haven´t finished yet
i love these kind of games and played them a lot before when i was younger.
i wonder one thing thoug do you need to be in a certen lvl to learn difrent skills, if so you should write this in the help section and i the description of what abilities you can learn from a item.
it says i can learn smite evil from my sword but i can´t use that skill.

i will write in the forum as well if you don´t read this before a hole lot of other lads has written here, in another game i think it was 162 people writing over one night, now is that irretating so say.

Arasario out.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


this was a nice game, it took a lot of my time

i found two bugs, one where i got an undefined item from a chest in fox's tomb bottom left. and the other was the blackout in the catacombs that others have mentioned. I hope its not a trylobite key im missing.

the reaction system is also not explained enough, you basically need to read through the help section entirely to get it. I played through about half the game before figuring out reactions. I also never spent gold on weapons or armor since it was slow getting gold early on and almost all the best items could be found in chests. deugan and the mercenary also felt weaker than the other characters, considering the preist and mages abitites to one hit kill things. It was also a bit silly that the best strategy at the end of the game was to run from everything. catacombs were also way too long, you need a way to teleport to the middle or something. At least the map helped a lot there. I also got some staffs i cant use at one point.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A great game with a wierd ending.

I entirely enjoyed playing this game from start-to-finish. However, I got most of the way through it when I realized I had made some crucial mistakes which would cost me in the end-game. So I started over.

It is much easier to get through the final part of the game if you don't rush straight through the missions, but take time to level up once or twice. Hint for the end-game in the sewers: potions you stockpile are real valuable.

Bother #1: I did play through all of Chapter 1, but when I brought my save game over, none of the accumulated potions or items came with my characters. Instead all of the amassed treasures were already taken. The artifact that protects from sleep was a particularly cool one, but it was not there in the new game. Nor do you have a chance to get it again in the new chapter.

Bother #2: I could never, for the life of me, get the reaction system to work except for once I was somehow lucky to get a defense to trigger. I kept trying the 'A' key for characters that supposedly had such maneuvers, but the game kept buzzing. It was more like a "bug" than a feature. Nothing should be that annoying. It should be a lot clearer if, when, and how a character has an offense or defensive manueuer they can trigger. The explanation of the way these work is insufficient. Rather than try to rely on these oddball strategies, just being a level or two higher against the potential threat than you'd normally be at that part of the game makes things far more comfortable.

Bother #3: I never got into the Trilobite Caves. If you can fix this, I'll play again, because it niggles at me that there was something I left undone.

Bother #4: My greatest disappointment is how the game abruptly ends with Verhn's "What a day this has been. YALORT truly smiled upon us today!"

Aside these issues, the game is awesome. I rate you 9 of 10, and you'd have been 10 of 10 if these above niggles didn't draw away from my enjoyment. I highly look forward to a new chapter coming out! Hopefully now that you have a great engine to develop on you'll be able to make new chapters at a faster rate.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


great game from what ive seen ,didnt get to play much but, even in Chapter 2 you still have encyclopedia spelled WRONG i mean really just open microsoft word (or whatever typing thing you have) and type in the word and spell check it