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Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2

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Adventure - RPG

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Nov 2, 2007 | 6:08 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place November 3, 2007

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Author Comments

IMPORTANT: This is a rather different version of Chapter 2!
The original was released in 2007, but this version was uploaded in 2010. It's basically a 'remake' in many ways, though the plot and events are generally the same.

Unfortunately, your saves from the old version won't work due to the drastic differences behind the scenes, but there are enough differences, I hope, to make replaying worthwhile. Any saves you make in this version can carry over to later chapters properly.

EDIT (21st of August 2010): Sorry, there'd been bugs with this version for a long time! It's because I fixed the bugs on Kongregate and updated the version there, but didn't do so here... Now I have though, so hopefully all problems will be fixed.

Oh, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have an appropriate Flash Player version! There's a screen at the start that warns you if your version is outdated. If this screen appears *at all*, then you may (probably will) experience some bizarre saving problems. Updating your Flash Player prevents them.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


the game is awsome!
but how many chapters are you planing on making?

Pseudolonewolf responds:

There will be eight chapters! I've already planned them all out thoroughly and know what will happen and be included in each one.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty darn good, except...

I can't seem to be able to teach mardek the abilities of the first sword you can buy him in the store (smite evil). I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but the ability doesn't show up in any menu after equipping the sword. Is this normal???

Pseudolonewolf responds:

Smite Evil is a "Holy Arts" ability; Mardek can only use "Magic Sword" abilities.
Each character has their own set of abilities, and can only learn the abilities from that set.
If you roll over an item with A pressed, it'll show the abilities, of course, and next to each one it will either show an AP bar if that character can learn the ability, or the name of the ability set if they can't.
"Holy Arts" is Vehrn's specialty; since he equips the same weapons as Mardek, though, some of his abilties are on swords but only he can learn them, not Mardek.

...I should really explain this more clearly in-game! So I will add that!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The True Soul of a Classic RPG...

I cannot begin to describe the extreme character and feel that this flash game possess'. It has all the Charm and Irony of the RPG in 8-bit (16 some parts?) while incorperating flash graphics to create a game truly worth playing till the end.
My Favorite Features:
- A,S,D attacks
- General Menu Layout-Generic yet Imaginative and well thought out.
- Story-line and Encyclopedia to match
- The Hilarious Puns on the Generic RPG... because that makes sense.... haha
Encouraged Suggestions on Patches/Next Game.
- Have more items (like from a merchant village) so there are more options to fully explore a character. In this game there was a small amount of spells/ abilities available to characters and the novelty wore off as they were repeated again... and again...
Bugs etc...
- M Shield has writtin in its description 'Physical Shield' instead of Magical.
- While Lvl 10 and just up to the Save Canonia Quest i went back to the Catacombs to find Social Fox's Tomb... all was well and good except the Kettle-hat object in the lower left part of the screen in a Casket (Coffin). When i picked it up it displayed the Kettle hat pic and "undefined x21" and didnt appear in my inventory. The only reason i can think of to explain this is my inventory had all the left columns full (potions on top, better, Mugwork and antidote beneath and a Phoenix down right of the Potions) and it may not have been stored. i.e. im suggesting that the program only deposits items in the left(upper) spaces of the inventory so when re-creating this bug, try with many items in your inventory and 4 characters at level 10 (Mardek, Deugan, Emela, Vehrn).
- Same deal again in Social Fox's Tomb after i Killed the Zombie Dragon. Not very happy atm as i have NO BURIAL SWORD!!.. After defeating the dragon i examined the Burial sword and it showed the same info for A(Abilities) and E(Examine) about the swords history etc and having the label "Undefined"... and P(Properties) shown its skills and that it had STR+2. So the sword was definately there, i pressed 'Take All' and assuming it was in my inventory, pressed done. I go to equip it and its not there. Same conditions as previous bug.
- Game has never crashed during my play, but just after the previous bug i went to 'Warp' to the map with Mardek and after selecting the spell and it asking the 'press x to confirm' question the name of the spell in this box (Warp with the symbol of Light on the Left) came up as 'undefined' and had a rapidly changing Elemental symbol next to it (dark, light, earth, fire etc) and kept looping. i closed the window and re-used the spell (Warp) and it was fine. This is no real 'problem' but its still a bug.

At Present im just about to start the Save Canonia quest if your interested in me re-creating these bugs (i have previous saves) so they can be fixed. Message my account or write and Edit on this game (ill have a look over the next few days) if you want my help or additional information.
Btw 5/5 & 10/10 for some seriously awesome internet entertainment.

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Pseudolonewolf responds:

There will be eight chapters in the MARDEK series, each with more spells, items and abilities; there aren't many in each chapter so then there will always be new ones in each chapter! It would make the later chapters less interesting if ALL the abilities could be acquired in the second chapter, and there is a limit to how many different types of abilities I can make!

Also, all of these bugs are fixed in the update, which should be uploaded shortly.

Thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad you liked my game!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


You seem to really like feedback (judging by what looks like your little hunt & peck of all the negative comments, and the quippy retorts &c) so I am happy to provide some for you.
First, here, have some stars for a job obviously well planned out and completed, unlike a good 99% of the flashes around here.
Second, I did notice that since this flash really pushes the limitations of flash-games, many problems arose, some included the bad lag (my computer isn't that bad, but I had to toggle the "q" quite a bit) - the occasional "never-ending battle bug" where if you click on the status screen at the same time as killing an enemy, he fails to die, but sits there at 0hp and is untargetable. Also, my firefox got so chugged out when it ran the app for the first time, that it failed to run ANYTHING else after it, and I had to restart it to clear that up.
I'm in the opinion that you need some error-handling and some state-based effect checkers to avoid some of this stuff... it seems to me that your project is so grandiose that the very capabilities of the Flash player have been really stretched. If you do continue to make it in flash, NG users will be happy, I'm sure, but you really should make this game in another format (like try one of the Rpgmaker-style languages, I havent really looked into them lately, though, so there may be better languages). I think something like Flash is really going to cause you nothing but grief until you finally decide to move your project over to something that is *designed* to do cool stuff like this.
That would be my opinion - besides the fact that it is inspirational work. Keep cranking 'em out, one way or another!

Pseudolonewolf responds:

Heh... I actually DO really like feedback a lot; I just don't know what to say to positive feedback (for some reason I think saying just "thanks for the feedback!" seems so... unnecessary?), and get annoyed by negative comments, so I suppose I look like a right git because of how I've been responding... o_O

As for other things you mentioned...
The game lags "moderately badly" even at the lowest quality on my old, old computer, but runs smoothly at full screen and high quality on my considerably more powerful laptop... So it's not so much Flash Player that can't handle the game too well; it all depends on the power of the computer.
There's not much I can do about making the game run faster on slower computers, but no progress would ever be made if people kept trying to design for obsolete hardware! ...Or something?! o_O


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Back to the good ol days...

with a twist of animation makes this a five in my book.