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3D Logic 2

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3D Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage
The exciting quest in the mysterious land of the Sage and the new challenge for your IQ!

Use the mouse to connect all the cells of the same color. Use the mouse wheel to switch between unconnected colors. Use SPACE to freeze the cube. Use CTRL to clear the cell. In-game music and storyline can be switched off in the main menu.


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for anyone trying to BLAM this game, just click his name and see if there is a game titled 3D logic. this will remove are the negatory votes about BLAMMING this game. Be aware I am not BLAMMING this game.


I am a logical minder thinker, so this was the type of game I love. I beaten your first 3D Logic, and tried to beat it again, but it was hard. Then I saw that you had a sequel and I thought of trying it. I got completely hooked on this game. I liked this game more, because there was music and a story behind it. The story was great! I look forward to another one of these logic puzzles if you plan on creating any more. I also liked how every time you would quit and come back, the puzzle would shift. That was very beneficial, because then I wouldn't keep trying the same thing. I used that to my advantage in some puzzles. Keep up the good work.


great game! i love how this game makes you think.
but im stuck on lvl 12 guess im not that smart haha


It's fun and challenging.. but I can't seem to get past level 14 ^_^;


If you want to see how smart you are or who of your friends is smarter, play this game! I just outdid my mom! She couln't get past level 7 and I beat the whole game! The new generation!!! I also ejoyed the color insite. Very nice touch. Where is number 3? Keep em' comin!

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4.37 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2007
5:49 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other