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Well it's been a while, but the time has come. At last SW Kotor 2 Romances the remastered Special Edition is here. What first was a project to fix up the graphics and make the characters look more like they are from the game, soon became a complete overhaul of new stuff jam-packed into the exact same movie. That's right, no major changes to the story lines, but many little changes that guarantee you'll be watching it more than once or at least making extensive use of the pause button. For those of you who haven't seen it, go do so for plot details and to laugh at how inferior it is to the special edition.

Oh, and leave reviews and vote fairly now. I know it isn't perfect, so lots of constructive criticism will ensue I get off my ass and improve it rather than give up in frustration. Enjoy! ^_^

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As with many other people who haved played Kotor 2, I share your sentiment.

While the dating sort of thing takes a back seat in games not entirely purposed around such things, its a part of roleplay and adds depth to the game, there were many other things about Kotor 2 that just seemed half baked. Levels with mysterious unopening doorways and quests that seemed like they should be there, but just weren't. Kotor 2 was extracted from the oven too hastily and the Kotor fans suffered because of it.

eat-at-joes-guy responds:

If you happen to have the PC version of Kotor 2, the TSLRCM mod will restore most of what was cut out.

Loved it!

It's simplicity was so nice, you didn't need to do anything over the top, and make your flash the greatest one ever, it was a nice refresher. Even if some people complain about you barely using any flash at all just goes to show their ignorance. I felt that the music playing in the background, and the explanations to some of the scenes, were all this really needed, and for that I thank you. I have always loved both KOTOR and KOTOR Sith Lords and have been desperate to find a flash for either of them, of which you have provided, thank you.

eat-at-joes-guy responds:

Thank you for the review, I'll be sure to make more Kotor themed animations in time.

personal favorite

this is one of my favorite flash movies ever. good work

eat-at-joes-guy responds:

Wow, thanks a lot for that. I'm glad it's one of your favourites.

I liked it

Pretty funny man. Although I liked the blind chick.

eat-at-joes-guy responds:

Kelly Hu definitely helped the character sound sexy enough.


This is actually my favorite KOTOR animation on here. Only problem was you left out Fem Exile. But ehh...I don't really care. It's still pretty good. My fav part: Kreia getting killed by the lightsaber. Bonsu points on that, since I hate her so.

By the way, to dartcock, the only Bioware games where you can "bang" anyone, is Mass Effect, and that one new fantasy game they made...forgot the name. But I know you can have sex on it.

Anyway, I also liked how you picked my personal favorite head for Male Revan. The guy with the buzzed head, hair under his mouth and small scar. He looks distinctly like a bad/good guy in my opinion.

Also, I always found it wierd about the relationship between Carth and Fem Revan. Isn't his son HER age?! I mean, Revan, either gender, is supposed to be 25 in the game. (If your asking how I know that, I read it on KOTOR.com.) And Carth's son, (whom you meet in a quest) is like...18-20. O_O?!

Well, that's all I have to say about it. I really enjoyed your flash movie and look forward to your future ones. Particularily if they involve KOTOR, KOTOR 2, or any Star Wars material whatsoever.

(Also I went to Anime Crossroads a couple days ago! YEEHEEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!!)

Bye. ;)

eat-at-joes-guy responds:

I've said this so many times, the female exile had fine choices, and it wouldn't have fit the song. It is synced to the actions, you know......

He was THE Revan, as far as I'm concerned. It just works out somehow. XD

Well perhaps Carth had his son in his teens. That would still mean he'd be in his early forties.

Why thank you. I have just completed my current latest flash, so I'll take a few weeks off then perhaps do another Star Wars movie. Give me a shout if you have any ideas for a plot. ^_^