Transformers: Oversight

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Whoot! My first full flash (that I actually finished), and after two grueling months of drawing robots it's done. (Sorry if any of them look off. I tried my best, and tablets can only go so far. And I just now realized the space bridge isn't that big...)

Beware! It's graphic heavy. I'm trying to fix the slowness now.

This is a trailer for a story I'm coming up with, even though the trailer itself won't make much sense. It's an alternate telling of the Unicron story in the G1 verse... Cuz when I watched the movie with my uncle a few years ago when I was ten I was not a happy camper to have all my favorite characters DIE within the first 7 minutes. Grrrr.

Submit it to the Transformers collection. You know you want to.


Impressive... yesss.

I love it, the animation is just great and since this is a trailer I guess the story should be a bit vauge yessss! SOme lazy parts but you knwo this is juts a trailer maybe the end product will be smoothed yes?

Still a q was that Big Convoy or NEmesis Prime? Are you using Maximals in the stories future?

One of the better Transformers tributes.

The animation had some movments of smooth FBF (Like when Jazz transformed), and the inclusion of obscure characters like Universe Nemisis Prime is rare here., as well as obsucre articfacts like the Dead Matrix that he had. It's nice to see a decent, nay, good tribute to the Transformers franchise.

However, some of the models used seemed to have gappy models, and more inbetweens would have made it better. There were also moments of when the characters look like they were drawn in a lazier moment of production, like Devastator's arm, and Thundercracker when he was attacking/attacked by Sunstreaker. Just silly nitpicks really.

I liked it.

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*eyebrow raise*

This is a story about if PRIME was reformated by Unicron instead of megatron isn't it? 10 for the excellent bot drawings

That was really awesome!

Man I really liked it,especially the fight between MEGATRON and PRIME!!!!!Anyway that was really fantastic.Aaa yeah,not to forget that the song was also nice.VERY GOOD WORK FRIEND!!!!

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I am not goin to say wherther i like it or not cause i did get it at all.

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Oct 31, 2007
7:29 PM EDT
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