BreakThru! (alpha v 1)

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This game is a lot like the old game Break Out. I used to like it and wanted to see if I could do it in flash. The goal is pretty simple, destroy all of the blocks to defeat a level. Right now there are 7 levels in the game. Please let me know if you find any bugs. Hope you enjoy it.


Some interesting innovations in a glutted genre.

I liked the fact that there were walls and bricks that moved. Made things interesting. Make it a little longer, and make the speed-up more gradual and consistent; it seemed like it would just randomly go fast. Still finished it on first try, though. :-)


I've tried programing something similar before, and it was damn tedious, so, good job. All i can suggest is cracking up the frame rate to arround 50ish, and having different music tracks, because the one in there got kind of annoying.

Pretty nice yo

This was actually a really good job, I liked how shaped paddle, to give us a break from the regular rectangle, and I liked how the music changed depending on how many blocks you destroyed. This could get a lot better, especially if you added more levels, and more power ups and cool stuff like that eh! I hope to see and upgrade in the near future!

I love this game

you should make the levels bigger and harder, and make the ball animation more fluid

Well made but badly designed.

Well, maybe 'well made' isn't such a great description, but my point is that it's had a great deal of work put into it, and I don't want to be too harsh.

On the other hand, the collision detection is dodgy, the fact that you can easily hit the ball straight up means that you can just stay still to break massive vertical lines, the levels are unoriginal and unexciting and basically there's nothing new here.

Worst of all is the message at the end.

Vote high to let me know you like it?

That's what people do anyway. Say something like that, and it makes gullible people fall into your trap and vote high, whilst more experienced people vote low.

That's why I'm giving this a 0.

(That's as high as I go.)

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3.21 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2002
1:27 PM EST
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