Tophat Villa

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Update: Removed mochiads.
You're a girl who can shoot stars from her mind, it's your job to save PiGPEN's villa from the horde of a Tophatted menace.




Totally uncool dude, I invested like 30 minutes of time, and when led the guy to that heavy block, it said it was locked. I had already unlocked it earlier, and couldn't get another key from that pianist. So, game over huh? Damn

Good game, but...

I liked the game. I liked the graphics. In fact, I liked almost everything about it...
...except for the ads. While I have no problem with ads in flash games, yours were constant and frustrating. It seemed almost every time I died, I'd have to wait though another ad. And with the frustration of 6 star shooting, I made dying so annoying that I wanted to quit the game.

Next time, do it with less ads. That'll be way, way better.


this game was really rigged. it seemed alright but i just thought it was WAY too hard.


This is the second time i've tried playing this game without beating it... and it's the same problem both times, if you leave the room with piggy following you he won't follow you anymore and the second time i had him following me and unlocked the cellar but his big fat *** doesn't do anything as far as "heavy lifting". I have two words for you man... beta test... don't put something out unless it actually works... I'm not trying to come down on you too hard or anything but on top of the game not playing successfully, when i tried to play it on newgrounds, it loads, but when i press enter it just takes me back to an advertisement screen and i've tried it 10 times if not more to get it to load again. The concept is good just the actual physics of the game is where you fall short.

Why? Why?

Awesome game... would it be. Cool game idea, good graphics, good texts, good ideas... well and alot of adds, but that is ok because it´s a freeware game.

But why the heck all these bugs? One of the problems when making an adventure game is to keep all everything working doesn´t matter what the player is doing. In complex games like VampireBloodlines that is for sure damn hard. But in such a simple game like you made it, it is totally easy to avoid such bugs. I am to 99% sure these bugs are absolutely unnecessary (I am making games with flash too, so I know what I am talking about, and I promise you if I would make a game like that there would be asbolutely no unsolveable riddle bug).

You could have used for all these linear events simply some _global variables and then think 5 minutes about how to make the riddle system stable. I don´t know why some people think good graphics are more important as a clean code. It´s that damn typical artist thinking. And that makes me respect designers over artists.

I am really disppointed and the unnecessary everywhere gamesystem bugs totally kill the fun. I tried two times to finish the game, but the not functioning riddles are awful. Also the save system is bugged up, but that the smaller problem because the game is finishable in less than one hour I guess.

Stop being an artist and become a designer, dude. Respect clean code!

PiGPEN responds:

I respect clean.....im just dirty.

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2007
6:07 PM EDT
Adventure - Other