Trick-or-Treat Adventure!

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Houdini 5 Points

Find your costume inspiration and escape your room.

Zapped 5 Points

Lose all 3 hearts in the battle with Satan.

Brundlekin 10 Points

Watch the entire beginning instructions sequence.

Incest is best 10 Points

Grab your mom's rear to get the sweet jolly rancher.

Radioactive Hamster 10 Points

How could you treat a beloved pet that way?

Sick Parents 10 Points

Discover the secret your parents have been hiding in the basement all these years.

C.H.U.D.er Cheese 25 Points

Kill what dwells in the sewers.

Guy sage brush 25 Points

Defeat Guybrush Threepwood in a battle of insults

Klaw Kommander 25 Points

Assemble all the pieces of your halloween costume.

Spider Slayer 25 Points

Get rid of the giant spider to get the 1st bag of CADNY!

We deserve it 25 Points

Watch the entire ending and all the credits.

You might be a redneck if... 25 Points

Outsmart the redneck to get his moonshine.

C.H.U.D.manitarian 50 Points

Beat the game without dicing up the C.H.U.D.

Hellhound 50 Points

Send Cerberus back to the firey pits of hell.

Speed is the best candy 50 Points

Beat the game in under 15 minutes.

Scrotch Scratcher 100 Points

Outsmart Satan in a battle of wits!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

July 15th 2009 - MEDALS ADDED!
Holy Crapballs! We've been nominated for the 2008 Tank Awards in the Best Game category! Thanks for all the support guys! You rock our Trick-Or-Treat bags! :)

This is it... the single largest game any of us have ever worked on before. Just in time for Halloween, this is our ultimate tribute to the classic "point-n-click" adventure games of the past. If you grew up on games like Monkey Island, King's Quest, Space Quest and others like that, then you'll feel right at home in this game.

"Trick-or-Treat Adventure Quest" very well may be one of the largest, if not THE largest, flash games you've ever played. You are Little Johnny, a kid in dire need of a Halloween costume who has to make do with what he can put together using household supplies. Once you have your costume pieced together, out into the real world you go for some Trick-or-Treating! But this isn't your average night in suburbia... many strange things are afoot and it's up to you to solve the puzzles if you want to enjoy all the delicious Halloween candies!

A wide variety of puzzles to solve, inventory items to combine, characters to interact with, big bad guys to battle and more can all be found in this big Halloweeny adventure! Since it's unlikely (though not impossible) that you'll finish this game in one sitting, we've thrown in a handy auto-save feature. That's right, you can close your browser window and then load up the game again later on and it will pick up right where you left off! In other words, play the game, but make time for some real Trick-or-Treating too!

We hope you guys enjoy the hell out of this game because we *REALLY* put everything we had into creating it. There's simply no other flash project we've worked on that we're prouder of. This final week of development we've been pulling all-nighters and beyond just to make it as nice as possible just in time for the holiday. This is our Halloween baby. We'd also like to extend a big thanks to Tom Fulp for sponsoring this game!

Happy Halloween, Newgrounds!

http://bomtoons.com/littl ejohnnysadventurequestwal kthrough.html

(Make sure you remove the empty spaces from the URL or it won't load properly. Also, we highly recommend figuring things out on your own, but if you're absolutely stuck on a puzzle, this will help you out. )

***ALSO, there's a 5-part Video Walk-through available on Youtube that covers the entire game. Just search for "Trick Or Treat Adventure" on Youtube and you'll find it.


wow mysterious

when you go down the trap door it have deads everywere is parents are murders! and he think its hallowen stuff

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Bad parents huh ?

Diabetes ? Seriously

This game...

...is fucking awesome. now i got the costume and am on my way out. i tried to burn the mom, stick the moustache to mom, hit mom with the crowbar, and do other stuff with mom, but it wouldnt work. OH WHY WOULDNT IT WORK??? :(

This is gonna keep me from doing things i should do :(


Messed up ending heh...it was alot of fun though. good job bro!


Inside House: Find pieces for Commander Claw costume


Pick up comics
Pick up underwear
Go to Hallway
Reach in mouse hole
Reach in mouse hole again
Turn off hallway light
Use gold key on parent's door
Enter parent's room
Turn on record player
Close armoir door
Get gray key
Use gray key on cuffs to get cuffs
Go to kitchen
Open kitchen drawer
Get utensils
Get crazy glue
Combine glue with utensils
Get love note
Get booberry cereal
Get mop bucket
Turn on kitchen light
Go to living room
Turn off living room light
Get jolly rancher from mom's butt
Open basement hatch (Parent's disco ball must be on, kitchen light must be on, hallway light must be off, living room light must be off)
Go to basement
Get raid
Get crowbar
Get mousetrap
Get drill
Combine drill with bucket to make Commander Claw helmet
Go to living room
Use mouse trap on boots
Get boots and hamster
Go to kitchen
Put hamster in microwave
Get hamster and hair
Combine hair and glue to make mustache
Go to bathroom
Get toilet paper
Turn on tub
Combine Booberry cereal with tub water to turn it blue
Combine yellow stained underwear with blue water to turn it green
Commander Claw costume appears

Challenge 1: Old lady and the Spider


Go outside through living room
Talk to Elvira to get lighter
Go to convenience store
Talk to One Eyed Bob to get cough syrup and empty twinkie
Combine cough syrup with jolly rancher
Go to screen with sewer vent
Reach into sewer vent to get syringe
Combine syringe with can of raid
Combine poison syringe with twinkie
Go to spider screen
Give twinkie to butterfree kid
Spider eats butterfree, spider dies
Pick up old lady's candy

Challenge 2: Guy with plumbing problems and the C.H.U.D.


Go to Guybrush Threepwood screen
Defeat guybrush in battle of insults to get taffy
How to defeat Guybrush:


Guybrush: You fight like a dairy farmer.

Correct Response: How appropriate. You fight like a cow.


Guybrush: Nice costume. Where'd you buy it, in a dumpster?

Correct Response: Why yes I did, and please tell your family I said thanks for marking down the price on it.


Guybrush: If I looked like you, I'd be wearing a bucket over my face ALL the time.

Correct Response: If you looked like me, you'd have a modeling career instead of getting paid to mow my parent's lawn.


Guybrush: You're no match for my razor sharp wit!

Correct Response: Too bad you didn't utilize that razor sharp wit instead of the razor you used in that failed suicide attempt.


Guybrush: My dog's rear end smells better than you.

Correct Response: So you're still sniffing him there on a regular basis, eh?


Guybrush: The sight of you gives me far more chills than any horror movie.

Correct Response: The only thing giving me chills is that somebody might see me talking to a loser like you.


Guybrush: Even Charlie Brown would have more success getting candy on Halloween than you.

Correct Response: So? Even a corpse would have more success getting a girlfriend than you.


Guybrush: My last fight ended wi

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Oct 31, 2007
2:21 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click