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The Passing of the Gas

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Phew I made it, at least I hope I have. I know the deadline was the 31st and that is today so hopefully it will count. Last few day's bit of a rush but I'm glad I was able to do it.

The story you are about to watch is what happens to a boy who has just come back from trick or treating. I wont tell you anything else.

Hope you enjoy it.
Well this didn't win the halloween 2007 competition, the only problem is I'm not even sure it was entered properly even though I did exactly what it said on the entry instructions. booo!

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i've sai all i need to say about r videos lol


1 of the best from my fav artist! sorry gotta go(parp!)

lol nice

i was thinking vacumeclener but i like ur idea better lol


Very impressive stuff!
Everything here was just brilliantly put together with some smart animations.
I loved the "Beano" style drawings (was that what you were going for?).
Music choices gave the right atmosphere at the right times and everything just fell into place.
The only piece of constructive critisism that I can offer is maybe to invest in a new mic- sometimes the voices were lost to the sound effects and, especially with a talant like yours, it's would be a shame if your future submissions didn't get the score they deserve because of this minor- MINOR!- setback.
Haveing said that everything else was just dandy and I wish you all the best with your future projects.

Vote: 5\5
Review: 10\10.

whataboffin responds:

Yes I did actually have the Beano style in mind when I was designing this one. I thought it was something I hadnt tried before and I was running out of time so went with my gut.
I actually have got a decent mic, spent a lot of money on it. I just havent had much chance to practice with it. The sound is actually waaaaay better than my usual offering I just need more practice using it. For some reason it came out quite quiet and I kept having to up the volume on them. I might have just been too far from the mic or not talking loudly enough or something, or it could just be my room isnt very sound proofed. It was a bit rushed though, I only recorded my voice yesterday! So yeah need more practice using it. Thanks for your critique.

Very good!

Excelent movie men! You think in all the details, you are great!
Good luck!