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Shooter | Cannon Runner

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Awesome choons:
Back Again- by Neufunk
and Cornwall Farm by Sentinel94
Press M to toggle music.

This is the first game I've ever made any money off. I spent about a month trying to get it sponsored- Must've contacted about 20 different sites. Even the shady ones with dodgey names!All this effort to make the game and y'know how many people wanted to sponsor me? None.


So I'd given up hope when I spotted this contest with Flash games. I've entered these contests before, there's allways one guy who's WAY better than everyone else and takes the money. Holy crap though, check out how many people entered in October:
http://www.gamestudios.co m/game-contest/submission s.html
Looks like I just got $1000! AWESOME. There's also another $1000 to win if I get in Newgrouds weekly top 5, so vote 6 n all that shite =P

Also, checkout I-Smel.newgrounds.com and play the THE FUCKIN AWESOME QUEST demo. Cheers.

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nice games ,i really liked the shooter but the cannon was more difficult
ps: someone knows what is the cannon runner music? because is not Cornwall Farm.

LOVE IT!!! I enjoyed Shooter way more than Cannon Runner. It might just be because I played that one first, but I was hooked. I played it for, like, 45 minutes before I finally died. The music was the main reason. I was driven to hear it again. The song for Shooter kicks total ass. It fits the whole concept and look so eerily well, even though it generally has nothing to do with the game. I also liked the small amount of customization you applied to it. It didn't matter in the long run, but when the box opens and says choose your colours, it makes it seem like you're going to be playing this game for a long time and the colours seriously matter. Now, that being said, they don't, but that's still the subconscious feeling I had playing the game, looking back. Cannon Runner was fun in that it was challenging. There wasn't an outside layer that you could always sink in to if you needed to go for a minute, which was fine. My favourite thing about Cannon Runner was that it turned jumping from mindless button mashing, as it is in most games, into an acquired skill. You have to aim just right, and the fact that you can't move in the middle of jumping makes it even more difficult. Of course, failed jumps were the main purpose for all of my deaths, but that's beside the point. You've made two games here that, despite their simplicity and small-scale, somewhat meaningless goals, drive us, as players, to try harder after each failure. That's what is most important to me about these two; they don't have a plot and therefore serve no morals, but when we die, we try again. When we are about to die, we wait inside the wall until we heal and then come out, guns-a-blazing. It doesn't teach the character shit-- there are no characters to speak of. But it teaches the player to get up when he/she falls. Fucking awesome.

Easy to play, difficult to master

Both games are awesome, and easy to learn, still, they require quite a bit of practice, which is kinda of a letdown for me.

Nicely done

It's great, although make sure, next time you don't forget to block the Built-In Tools, y'know? "Play, Loop" Those, built in tools, cause, I beat the game with ease because of that.


The song was fucking awesome. The game was pretty good too.