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Make sure your version of Flash is current. If game runs slowly reduce graphics quality.

Super B's mission is to bring order where the is none. To solve your problems before they begin. To be the nicest box on the planet.

Enough of that - your objective is to complete various missions allocated to Super B. Earn money by killing the bad guys and use it to upgrade your weapons and buy other power-ups.

Good luck Super B. May God bless you.

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Good Game

This is a very fun game! Don't take that as a pat on the back, job well done though, you guys need to work on this!!! First of all, in the second level, the game runs too fast, I'm getting shot at and all I can see is a damn newspaper! Fix that, or completely get rid of the newspaper. The music, get it out of my head! I understand, there IS a mute button but, the music is to campy for this style of game. Since when did superheroes use guns? That's against their code (You're killing people), making him more of a trigger-happy, gun-slinging, vigilante than a superhero. And for Christ's sake, LOWER THE DIFFICULTY!!!!! >.<


Not to hate or anything but the sound track is annoying and cleche.
i think they didnt give it a real storyline.
its boring and a waste of 3D
but they tried.
+ i didnt even finish playing lol XD

this game was pretty fun

nothing else to say.

sorry to say but...

most boring game ever and i've played dick about in a spaceship and that compared to this is good.

not much for superheroes

dont know why i clicked it... oh well im not gonna give a bad rating

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2007
12:19 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail