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-Wolf Vs. Jack-

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This is my submission for the Halloween contest!

WOLF, the young werewolf-turned-superhero , is confronted on Halloween night by a new super-powered threat, JACK!


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wtf this is shit too short and thats not what a werewolf looks like

Oh crap,LOL thats so funny in so many ways

How unexpected!

The really weird thing about this is that I had no idea what was going on! I am not sure why, but from the beginning, it kind of looked more like it was going to be a comedy. I guess a single pumpkin head isn't that intimidating. It of course really took off when the fight started. In case no one else noticed, the guy happens to have a picture of Dr. Octoganopus in his house. It was great to see Jack being defeated after acting so high and mighty in the beginning.

The animation in this was great, especially with how Jack's arms moved. I have never heard of the play that this cartoon was based on. You managed to get Jack's voice just perfect! Really creepy voices are always a plus in Halloween (or simply scary) things. It's so triumphant when Wolf transforms it's kind of even uplifting!


Dom Fera your animations are cool and you have got an awesome voice there.

I'll explain, I promise.

I would love to give you a ten to support you but I have to leave the tens for things that are simply amazing. I feel a bit of a dick giving you this score but I think it is fair for a few reasons. This animation is short and it could have just a bit more going on also the audio is harsh, kind of cliche for a "bad ass". It could have more of a growly wolf-sound to it rather than robotic.
Your animation and use of music and sounds are great as always and I love how the pumpkin splat plays into the credits. I'm struggling between 6 and 7 I want to be fair and give you the most helpful rating.
I'm going to have to say 6 for length, saving higher ratings for those who spend as much time on animations as you do on your wonderfully crafted movies.