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LOL. Flat out, this is the coolest movie ever.

Look at it this way, I'm this 14 year old kid who wants to make this epic adventure cartoon, but didn't know a THING about actually making videos.... Like, what a little hotshot hey?

Anyways, enjoy this, i do a blog www.lifeinexile.net and that's kinda fun. See ya.



I shall state some things I personally dont like.
1. Didn't like the drawing style. 1 brush stroke per line would be nice.
2. It was a little boring, could use funny, even though it's not funny unless someone gets killed.
3. The voice acting reminded me of Family Guy in a way, because everyone sounded the same.
4. The voice acting lacked emotion, and so did the character's expressions.

Anyway, this flash deserves a lot more recognition than it recieved, a front page would have ben nice TOM.

The animation was brilliant, so overall this flash deserves a 7/10. Good job creepy stranger.

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RiverJordan responds:

For your first point, i would like to point out that it was a new style i was trying out, I draw out everything by hand and scan it. I actually liked it until so many people complained, Exile 2 I am going to be using my mouse to draw most things, and I will be investing in a wacom tablet soon enough.
Also, exile 2 has some funny, but keep in mind this is not a comedy flash. umm, as for the other points, thanks for your input and i will work on that for the next ones :)
Lol yeah i've receieved a few emails saying it should get frontpage, everyone spam tom haha. Just kidding, unless you do it, then i have no problem with it :P
Thanks again


nice. thats all i can say. not as good as KHC but still good

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i really liked it. great story.. yeah originality and all.. thats why its a 9 though... and the animation is good. and who in NG has good voice acting except if it isnt a horror animation?

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I liked it

Very cool movie. It has a good story, not completely original, but c'mon, what's original in this days. It seems pretty solid, and looks like you have the most part planned or scripted already.

I liked the cliffhanger, it leaves you wanting more.

Now the things i would suggest improving.

I think the voice acting can be improved, it doesn't give enough emotion. And speaking of emotion, i would suggest putting more effort into character expressions/emotions, i felt somehow empty the moment in which they inform him that their parents died, you should have had him enter into some sort of shock.

The graphics can be better too, i'm sure you can upgrade them a little bit, but remember, you don't have to have extreme detail for the graphics to be good.

Well, despite that, this movie is heaps better than the average NG submissions, this is what we need, good stories with good pacing, i'm tired of all the sticks, sprites, madnesses, VG parodies, etc etc...

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Its Good as man. It was shorter than i thought

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Oct 29, 2007
5:41 PM EDT