Exile Preliminary 1

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LOL. Flat out, this is the coolest movie ever.

Look at it this way, I'm this 14 year old kid who wants to make this epic adventure cartoon, but didn't know a THING about actually making videos.... Like, what a little hotshot hey?

Anyways, enjoy this, i do a blog www.lifeinexile.net and that's kinda fun. See ya.


ill keep hoping you'll prove me wrong

okay, ive read about your life and understand the delay i just hope its as good as i think it will be! the thing is when i look at your work and see the quality in art and superb animation it makes me want to see more. your story telling and scripting ability is on par with adam phillips himself. i just hope you dont waste your god given talent through laziness... and not finishing projects you begin. if the next exile is as good as i expect i can see daily first, monthly first, top 50 and review crewe pick for you... however if as a believe (you are not putting 100% effort into it, all it will get is like a 4.1) which for most is great,, but you can and should achieve alot more with your talent and this story. ill chek bak at the end of march and hope to see exile 2 finished and completed... if its not i feel your amasing talent with flash will flutter away with time and be unfulfilled.... sasakiman

RiverJordan responds:

Rock on! see now theres a review i like :D I plan to prove you wrong now :D
And thanks for like, saying my art is purty XD, Im really working hard on general shading and such for this, as well as (OMG) Chins moving when people talk!! hehe, i was so proud when i decided to do that.

I have about an hour before i go to work, *opens flash* alright! IKIMASHOU!!!
(japanese for lets go)

btw yeah.. i speak some japanese too ppl, isn't that great! XD

ok that was random yeah i know >__<

KHC was better...

Good shot at it but don't throw the KHC away.

yay for being serious!

This is very good. the artwork is not as good as KHC, but the story is excellent! I can see the appeal of doing something serious for once, but don't just throw KHC away. It was more popular then you might think. ;)


I prefere KH-C, although i do like this. Where the camera angles shook it made no sense, and ect.
Its better than many i have seen though.

Your movie is awesome!

The drawings were a bit sketchy, but your animation is really good!!!

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4.04 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2007
5:41 PM EDT