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WHOA DAILY 4TH!!! I didn't see that coming, thanks NG, i love you guys!

well, here is my entry for the halloween competition, not that i think this is all too spectacular.

you can look at this movie a couple of ways, i'll let you come up with your own conclusions but maybe the title can help point in you one direction.

i've worked pretty hard on this, i started shortly after clock day and finished tonight, probably a little over or just on 2 months of work. this movie contains the most frame by frame of all my movies and is probably my first movie to contain a score i composed myself, that being said yeah the music kind of sucks, i'm not too experienced in that field, just something i made fuckin' around in fl studio one day, built the flash around it.

anyway i hope you enjoy it, i had fun making it.

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looked ok

there was something about the walking that i didn't like, the use of colours was good, all the different shades and stuff. The music was dull, you should have just use a cliche like the music from Alfred Hitchhock's Psycho. But frame by frame always deserves to be scored highly because of the effort involved.


I like it, It was pretty cool with the lights melting the window and stuff so I think you did a good job on this one so nice work.


thought the music was pretty eerie then it got a lil boring but still, you did it urself so, nice one! "ahh no a scary alien, ill skip too get my gun" hehe....good flash! =D

if you think about it

the alien hadn't really done anything yet, so blowing your head off might be a little premature. hell, for all we know he just wants to hang out. next time have the alien implode the cat with his mind or something, that way his "evilness" can't be questioned

7 out of 10

it was alright.

cool concept. the music got a little boring sometimes. Would've been nice to have a little voice acting or sound effects. Also, the guy walked really weird, it was kinda fun, and when he ran to his bedroom it looked more like he was skipping lol :p