-=- Windows ABC - SP2 -=-

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EDIT: Windows Mista's been posted! ;-)

Yes, another simulator here on Newgrounds. However, this has been tuned to try to look and act like Windows XP in style and interactivity. Before you ask, there IS a password to the Matty account. Keep seraching!

Recommend for Windows collection? :-)

-=- Updates-=-

-Raised to 30 fps so the windows won't slip your cursor while dragging and so the kill animation won't lag the sound.
-Added Google search .

-=- Features -=-

- Draggable windows
- Taskbar
- Clock
- Paint
--- Colours (Matty user only)
--- Brush sizes (Matty user only)
- Pong (Matty user only)
--- Different Difficulties (Matty user only)
- Internet with Google search (Opens pop-up)
- Control Panel (Matty user only)
- Media Player (Matty user only)
- Word
--- No annoying paperclip
- And more

-=- The BAD list -=-

- A few bugs (still)
--- Please report ones you find ;-)
- "My Computer" Taskbar icon on Guest doesn't fit right
- Matty account has a guest start menu
- 2 icon in the taskbar (Matty user) don't work
- Clock gets confused if the system clock is disabled
- Searching on Google doesn't bring up a pop-up, instead it loads it in the current window

I'm making a Windows Vista version at the moment now (it looks much better than this), so expect more!


GREAT GAME! it looks like realistic! the features are many! bad list is small group!

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we are pleased for your inconvienience lol

password shhhhhhh

matty password is Matty2 this is useful

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Great Style Nice Game

The Password for the account Matty is "Matty2" without the qoutes. have fun and enjoy. Figured ppl would want to know. DON'T hate! Nice game, a bit buggy, but for a creation of WinXp in flash, its pretty catchy! GOOD JOB.

Epic parody!

I'm a Windows user and I know how shitty Windows is lol I love this. Also the password is so plainly there come on guys. I love seeing these parodies.

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3.69 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2007
6:02 PM EDT
Simulation - Other