Neon Shooter Demo

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Fight of hordes of brightly colored enemies in this neon shooter game.

This is a demo of a game I'm working on, please review with ideas/suggestions.


Worth Waiting for

I give it 10/10 as a rating of how awesome I know the final product will be.

Other than that, I repeat what the other guys said about conservation of momentum for projectiles and some form of notification that your ability to ram is ending, and would like to add:

Since those little trailing orbs represent your lives, maybe have them do something when you lose them. For instance, explode and kill the orb thingy that hit you...

Put shit in the way! (A straightforward way of saying: have objects in the levels that alter gameplay--walls, tracks that speed up/slow down you and/or your projectiles, maybe mines that you can shoot at to blow up nearby enemies & yourself if you're not careful, etc.)

Group behavior in the smaller enemies.

Extra lives as a power-up.

Different point awards for differently-sized enemies.

Overall, again, good game.

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great game


just...wow sums up this demo. I cant wait for the full version. My suggestions are, a shop to buy more lives every few levels or at the end of every level. You can buy more tail pieces for quite a high price ( brilliant way of showing the health by the way) or you can buy more speed, or a slighty better main weapon, or some secondary weapons that fire off at the two 60 degrees tp where you are facing. A BIG bomb is always usefull for when the screen gets full, space bar or something.
Loved what you have already, hope to see the bigger part as it definatly wont get blammed.


after awhile you stopped the game completely.I know it's only a demo but you could have at least put an ending to it.awesome game!


Looks to be a game with great potential, like you said, more powerups and enemies, and give it levels and stuff. It's gonna be awesome, I look forward to the full version!

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3.34 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2007
3:29 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional