Circle Chain

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Use mouse to move the red circle and click to make it explode and start a chain reaction.

* 20 levels
* 4 different circle types

This game is part of an experiment, follow the links in the main game to know what I am talking about


Don't carry on when the level's already been lost

The music is cool.

Fun game and I liked the aleatory element - a value underlooked within games.

Though the inspiration is obvious, the differing method of progressing reactions helps it stand apart.

I only got to where the blues are reintroduced (after the yellows) - having to avoid them made for a frustrating pause when the game was already lost, but the chain reaction carried on anyway. Also, I felt that for what seems to be an almost-entirely luck-based game, the difficulty was a bit high. I felt dejected more than anything.

Regardless, not a bad game - original enough - and I'm sure a few tweaks would help it be more relaxing and less furstrating.

Physics Anyone?

This is an excellent example of the chain effect. Great physics within this game. I have figured out how to get each level done. By process of equation through mathematics, picturing the square as a grid, with the farthest left corner being X-0 and the lower left as Y-0 (Top right Y-1 and lower right as X-1). Though the circles appear to enter erratticly there is a defined course of action. By equating and figuring where the circles will go you can eliminate them. Also you have a chain/domino effect. Each fragment will move in its designated path through physics. While the total idea seems easy, the equation is very complex.
This is a superior game. I will be demonstrating it in my Advanced Quantum Physics class, at UCDavis. I will provide all links to the site and the authors site.
Excellent job.


cool! (even though it took me a while...)

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Sweet and addictive!

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really addictive and fun

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Oct 28, 2007
2:21 PM EDT
Skill - Other