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Its i little short, theres only 9 levels.
Its very simple, just build a structure which will carry the balls to the goal.
Read the instruction for a list of keys and what to do.

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I will say the graphics and sound are a lot nicer than some games ive played but no tutorial or better instruction wont get my attention ...i will say that you should add a tutorial and a little easier controls but that is only my opinion so plz dont feel bad it was an interesting looking bridge game so make it one

Eh ... instructions ? some kind of tutorial ? anything ?
=> Nothing. Not even in the description uder the game.
I'm sure the game would be nice if i actually could PLAY it ...
I played different bridge games before and normally like these kind of games. But i simply don't understand how your mechanisms work ...

After reading the (in my mind) way too long instructions i finally got it. Couldn't you simply make a hint in the first level that 'k' switches to solid connections ? would have made the start way more easier. And also the rest of the objects could be easily described before each level since you already just use one new in each new level.

Wow! What a game! My favorite part was trying to get through level 1. I also loved the graphics in your tutorial!!! How this got over 3*'s is beyond me. I give it a big fat zero.

Well that was boring....

This is vary easy game you have to use the same idea people use to build a brige you have to give your strucher suport by connecting the nodes. i find that making triangles and squares works best. you have to get the ball to not only reach the end portal but go though all the wight lines before they get there to turn on the portal. Its vary simple if you think about it but it gets really boring vary fast. By looking at the other reviews it dues not really seem like many people get it.

I understand the game.

you try and figure out how to play then you win!