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Fire & Ice

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My first ever flash game, Though i'd start with something easy. Enjoy

If anyone beats the hardest level than please let me know because its meant to be unbeatable.

*Note* - Someone says they have beaten the hardest difficulty, but its still supposed to be impossible

Updated - Added music

* I want to add some animation to it but i'm not sure what kind of animation to add to the markers. I was going to make them flash but that is still boring* Any ideas anyone? let me know

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the last lvl

the last level is only unbeatable because when you have one space after the ice goes it GOES agian!

that's just cheap.

fixed link

http://img84.imageshack.us/my.php?ima ge=beatlvl3fc3.png

there we go.... fixed link!

And I sware im not good enough with photoshop to do that, it is real. (In fact I don't even have a photoshop-esque program and have never used one in my life lol)

beat last level

The last level is not unbeatable. I beat it in 12 tries (NOT clicking random spots) and in case nobody believes me here is the screenshot ;)

/img84.imageshack.us/img84/7089/beatl vl3fc3.png][/url]

i beat the last lvl

i got lucky i clicked in random spots =)


Nice design and graphics.
And yes, final level is unbeatable.