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*Sweet Daily Top 3 Thank you!

*Woot Halloween Collection Thanks

3 guys go out and try to collect 500 pieces of candy until they run into some troubles with the local neighbors.

This is my Halloween Flash submission. CandyHolics is my longest and best animation so far. No sound bugs(Fixed most of them), better character art, background art, and smooth animation compared to my other flashes and a re-occuring character. Steve from Connection is back in CandyHolics.


A lot of cameos although...It is Halloween so why not dress-up as your favorite NG artist or character. Also Ed is dressed up as Captain just incase you didn't know what Tankman he was referring to.


I drew all these characters myself; So don't tell me hey you ripped that character or whatever.

====Prior Knowledge====

+Detective Grimoire

+Tankman 2"

+At least know who Wonchop, Blockhead, and the Super flash bros are

+One ring to rule them all

+Need to know who Luis is(Ng Mod and creator of Sketchbook)

+Thwoops the Movie


Opps forgot to credit where I got the Zelda soundfx from...


===Happy Halloween or Merry Ghostmas===

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nice adventure lol.