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Mapling Chronicles 3

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Author Comments

EDIT: Added a play button and a bio thing.
EDIT: Yayy made it past 2.00
Well I've been working on it for awhile I guess. so here it is enjoy all reviews are helpful thank you for any reviews. I hope this makes it atleast past 2.00 on the score. Well yeah it has a background after the pianus fight. Mapling Chronicles 4 Will have more action then the last two this ep is basically a filler okay?

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Not good.

Not to say you don't have potential. You do, but this shouldnt be on NG. You're animation is terrible. Sorry but it is. Try to add more frame by frame, and when you do, use onion skin and make each frame closer to the last so it isnt so damn jumpy. Also, change up the music! Linkin Park isnt the only band out there. Also, text, wtf is up with that. Lol. You have a paragraph jump in for 3 seconds, and 2 sentences on screen for a minute. And please, add a good background that has something to do with the story. Good luck to you.

ganning8 responds:

Haha, I know its terrible. xD But hey Im gonna take a month to work on the next one so I can improve and maybe find some backgrounds. I use the onion skin just, I get out of hand. Thanks for the review. xD and for not saying "it sucks" and not explaining why. :P

needs improvement

this wasnt all bad i mean its a good story to follow from what i can tell but you need the following:
a play butten
voices (get a mic or something)
a background
and u should work on the spelling a little.

well i cant say im a big fan of the game that the characters are from (have never even played the game) but good job i mean u put effort into this right? in that case ill keep it alive :)


Its not that great...but just a BIT better thenthe maple comics ppl make x]

im pretty sure that ppl that reveiwed this has said exactly what ima say...rofl

Needs a play button
Need text BUBBLES and smaller text with a little next button so we dont have to t through 1 sentence for 60 seconds...*some of us can read more then 1 word every 5 seconds*
Use real backgrounds...just rip the .wz files using mapleDump *google it*

And what that dude said would be good to...a charecter bio screen.
Make an opening screen with buttons*credits, Bio, story so far, ect*

All of that would make this at least a 4 and a 3.5 score for the general maple community.

Good try though i guess ._. better then waiting 3 months for thenext 1 page comic T_T lol

gave it a 5/5 *to up tht score a but :P*
but a 6 overal =o

ganning8 responds:

Lol thanks this is very helpful. xD I'll most likely watch some tutorials on how to make play buttons and how to make bios.


Its not tottaly bad. But I think you should consider the following:
-Add a "play" button and a preloader screen. Perhaps with the photos of the characters &/or bios.
-a pause option
-Audio clips for the voices. And if thats not possible, try editing the typos in the text.

BTW: the audio was nice suited... but it could be better.

ganning8 responds:

Thanks for the tips. :D

Sorry I had to give you a one.

Okay, so here's the reasons why:
1) Misspellings everywhere throughout the flash.
2) During the fish fighting scene, alot of your text was cut off and you couldn't read the joke about fishsticks, it moves over for a second but really dosent allow you to get a laugh because its unreadable.
3) Really choppy during the fight scene with the three characters. It lags. (could be just vista?)
4) Sitting through the long introduction may cuase you to lose some people, I stuck through it but maybe think of a more interesting way to keep the viewer's attention?
5) Try using buttons, they might allow you to go through the narrative quicker, thusly not having your viewer sit around bored waiting for the frame to change.
6) The linkin park song quality was sort of off, sounded scratchy (dont know if you could fix that though)

Just some ideas, again, I'm not putting it down!!
Great story, from what I got and good try...

ganning8 responds:

Lol thanks this is a helpful review not just one of those "it sucks" and not explain why review. xD I was pretty tired when I finished this so yeah. Thanks anyways hopefully I can improve.

Credits & Info

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Oct 26, 2007
10:56 PM EDT