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My entry into the Halloween '07 contest. Tried to go for a sort of horror movie, noir style. Runs in 25 fps, and was done in little less than 2 months with a mouse. If I somehow manage to win even the smallest sum of money on this, the first thing I will buy is a graphics tablet. XD


Oh Dude!

Was that last review really your own dad?! That's harsh man. If it was your dad...no offence guy's dad... but you're an idiot. "Stupid flash videos" eh? With experience and dedication, animators can make damn good money doing flash animations. Show some damn support for your son you old bastard. What have you accomplished in your pathetic life? Got a good RSP goin perhaps hmm? Is that the scope of your achievements on this planet? Served a company well I bet... like a good slave. Good movie man. I'm not a fan of that type of gore but you're definately skilled.

Bruce Loves It!

You say you love cats but when is the last time you cleaned the catbox? When is the last time you cleaned the room for that matter? Stop wasting your time on these stupid Flash videos or I will send you back to your real father, Bruce Campbell. Or was it Sammy J. ? I don't know ask, your mother. Dad

My hero...

Peter is a genious... he is amazing, i'm gunna dress as a one eyed bunny for halloween and explode cats, and cut up people..

I signed on to review THIS ONE, not theJerseyDevil

This was amazing It really was.

First and foremost, I love cats, but with that, I also love to see when the author steps out side the box and does something offensive or controversial. I laughed my ass off when Rocko killed his cat in Boondock Saints and I think it was not only necessary but hilarious when peter killed the cat.

All peter wanted was the candy, and that asshole refused it. How dare he. Peter was in the right when he kicked that cat! He didn't know it would explode, that was an added bonus.

As for all those who are given it below a 5, loosten your knickers, its halloween, its not supposed to be happy.

5/5 10/10. Long time watcher, first time reviewer, be honered.


Beautifully crafted animation, i loved the gritty and sketchy style of art. By far THE BEST Halloween flash i have seen EVERY. Loved the way the violence wasn't shown directly, this gave it much bigger impact and made me appreciate it more. I also loved the creepy bunny hood, was this a nod to the bunny suit in Donnie Darko at all? Can't wait to see your next animation, please keep it up!!

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2007
9:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Original