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My entry into the Halloween '07 contest. Tried to go for a sort of horror movie, noir style. Runs in 25 fps, and was done in little less than 2 months with a mouse. If I somehow manage to win even the smallest sum of money on this, the first thing I will buy is a graphics tablet. XD


Nice style, needs a plot

Well I liked the art style, and something about it made me watch it twice. You obviously put alot of work into it, which is reflected in the animation. Bbut there really is no point to it, so it's just senseless violence. In response to Jeinsen, it's because the cat was innocent (sure the guy was too, but then he threw a meat cleaver at the guy and it was his own fault for not giving the psycho candy, of course he didn't know that would happen but that's besides the point).


That was very nice, liked the style.
This proves you don't need a plot for something to be good
OTT violence is also good, why watch boring realistic violence when you can have yer blood by the bucket load?
Well done!
I hope you win the thingymabobber


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I liked the style, not my favorite but it was decent, and story wise well I think it would of been cool if you have ended the movie instead of leaving us on our appetite. but still this is a nice peice of work. My rating is 7 but 'Im giving you a ten just because I think people that rate this zero because you kill a goddamn ANIMAL have their priorities wrong. plenty of videos get lots of good attention and there is plenty of violence and death. why is killing something cute so different? I can't beleive that there are people out there that put more importance for an animal over a human being .''killing cats is wrong'' but no one complains about the guy having his leg chopped off? I fail to understand that logic.

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! hope you win with this

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today has been a good day for newgrounds...

i usually dont write reviews, soley because there are perople who waste my time on stupid entreys but this, my friend, was just spectacular. i loved the whole idea even if it did take from some movies, but what halloween entrey arent from some movie intentionally or non? anyway nice job i loved the graphocs 2 of the five i watched today were awsome but this was better good job buddy

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3.86 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2007
9:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Original