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My entry into the Halloween '07 contest. Tried to go for a sort of horror movie, noir style. Runs in 25 fps, and was done in little less than 2 months with a mouse. If I somehow manage to win even the smallest sum of money on this, the first thing I will buy is a graphics tablet. XD


Wow.. Brilliant!

So.. as my special "treat" on this Halloween week.. My very first review is dedicated to this amazing movie. The music was perfect for this and the drawings and were amazing. I love that "flickering" effect. I didn't really think the cat exploding was that big of a deal. Rubbing it in when you see the close up of the paws and ribs was kinda, "eh" but still made the movie even better. I think people got upset 'cause that cat was so darn cute haha. I mean.. if it had been some ugly cat with freakishly large insane eyes I don't think anyone would've even given it a second thought. The candy bowl killing was just.. wow. 10/10 for you mate! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!

Not bad at all

Don't worry about the "cat people", defined as any person with more than 5 cats in the house. Studies show that having 5 or more cats in your house has a negative impact on a person's mental health. I had a roomate with five cats. He was a psycho.

People with that many cats become so endeared to them that it's almost scary. They're the kind of people who actually buy cat horoscopes in the supermarket. It's like cats someohow take over a part of the mind. That might be good inspiration for a future film anyway.

Anyway, my point is, you can love your cat, but freaking out about a dead cartoon cat isn't cool. In fact, it's kind of psychotic.

Anyway, loved the film. Very nice violent Halloween theme.


The flash was great but one thing bugs me. The man in the flash gets brutally murdered with a bowl of candy, and everybodies complaining about a cat being kicked. Yeah forget the human being in distress but you can't hurt that animal. Oh well. Great work on the flash 5/5 10/10

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better than average

it was alright man, it was kinda strange for me. i mean, that dude was like psychopathic or something? i thought the cat thing was humurous, he kicked the shit out of it LOL.
decent job/good job. even though it was weird for me, i still kinda liked it.

x diecrazy x

a halo 3 professional

current rank: 40

50 in no time. :P

don't be discouraged by the cat lovers

i got your PM and i have to say you shouldn't be so worried about that in the least. Your score is fine and fitting for this animation. It's a good score and you have 25k views. You are certainly a good contender for the halloween contest.

And even if you don't win, hell, 25k views?? That's pretty damn nice, man. Don't worry about it.

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Oct 26, 2007
9:04 PM EDT
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