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Swirly's Forbiden episode

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Well, you asked for it, and here it is, i would like to thank/ apologize to swirly for being the main character/ victim of this, sorry man, but here it is enjoy, and REVIEW. =3.

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this made me cry

stop being a jerk to TINY Q. his vids actually make sense. please make a plot with a beggining middle end climax before making vids plz. now im going to cut my eyes out with a rusty spoon b/c of your vid

WCCC responds:

eh? WHO THE FUCK IS TINY Q?!? god damn make a sensible review for once before they started getting mass deleted along with your account, they can do that you know.

sucks to be swirley!

i love argument you and swirley had and milky goes:wat in the hell is wrong with this kid? lol

WCCC responds:

lol indeed.


this is a good movie good job

WCCC responds:

glad you enjoyed, this was actually supposed to have more to it, but it threw up during conversion (it was originally made in powerpoint)


this was sweet

WCCC responds:

glad you enjoyed,you're surfing my movies, eh? yeah, the real swirly's goozo, if you want to actually talk to him.


That was funny ^^ THat intro must have been a hell of a job, cuz i thought that was the origional flash.... I didnt get act 6, and why did you take out act 5 because of it being to crude (i like crude, MUHUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!) oh well, still funny, nice job!

WCCC responds: