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ShortShakespeare -Macbeth

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FULL TITLE: Shortened Shakespeare - "Macbeth"

William Shakespeare's "Macbeth", condensed into 32 seconds.

Reviews are much appreciated.

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hah, yeah that pretty much sums it up. Nice work man


tim u dick lol its funny and better than the old biddy crap!!!

its good

I mean obviously you were not going for the full effect, but I enjoyed the comedic undertone you threw on it. My only real concern was the sound, the voice acting needed some work. However this was well done and make some more :D.


My only comments however are:
1) It should have been more snappy (faster cutting etc).
2) You should have done more of the play.
Anyway it was a good summary of the play and it was good work. Keep it up!

Timsplosion responds:

Yeh, I probably should have done it with faster cutting from scene to scene, but I did what I did of the play because my main aim was to get the important points across in as quicker time as possible.
Thanks for the review.

Pretty much

You did a fairly good job cutting the Scottish Play down to size, however I would strongly discourage anyone from watching this and trying to base any papers off of it as the actual plot is far more complex.

I love how you kept the feel of the actual language tho, and over all I give you a 5~!

Timsplosion responds:

Yeh, this isn't something to base reports or papers for school off. I'm just trying to make Shakespeare plays as short as possible.

Thanks. Even when I've shrunk a several hour long play into 32 seconds, there's still time for some period language.