A Virgin's Quest (Fixed)

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Please keep in mind this is my first ever flash submission. I am new to flash, so I wanted to make something with simple action scripting for the interactive parts, and simple flash. The goal for my next project is to add lip syncing and actual animation.

In this, you are a young man set out to lose your virginity once and for all! Short but sweet!

Thanks for viewing.



well, that's one great first flash. nice ^^

do yourself a favor...

never and i repeat NEVER say that "this is my first flash ever" especially when the content is this good. theres a chance that people put down your movies even before they watch it due to it being "a first flash"

i laughed when the *not to give anything away* ending, happened, that was great and much better that i expected.

Rizzano responds:

Thanks for the praises. I will keep that in mind the next time I submit a flash, I won't say that it is my second flash ever. Thanks for reviewing!

What the fuck is wrong with you. You date rape.

That was good. the animation needs work, but it was still good. You should try doing it with a real girl.

Rizzano responds:

Thanks for the review! There is no animation, so that in itself needs work lol. Animation and Lip Syncing are the goal of my next project.

very funny

greatly done : D at first i taught the graphics were way off but the humor of it makes that up greatly done I gave it a 7 cause of the graphics sorry ma8 : D

Rizzano responds:

Thanks mate! The graphics do lack, but hopefully over time they will get better. Thanks for viewing and for the review.


lol thats a nice funny way to tell poeple we f*&^ up to much

Rizzano responds:

I agree lol. Thanks for looking and for the good score!

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2.17 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2007
2:25 PM EDT
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