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Hey NG, this is the follow up to Sphere Core, a new point and click room escape adventure.

"It has felt like an eternity since leaping into the darkness. The stark walls, the flickering lights, the strange technology, the twisted puzzles, it has left many questions in my mind. Yet, I awake to find myself in yet another room. However this one is different from the last - the room is dimly illuminated, save from a soft glow of light coming from one side of the room. What is the source of the light? How am I to get out of this room?
All I have on me is the revolting frozen embryo that I found in the Sphere Core. What secrets does it hold?"

Click around the room to discover the secrets hidden within. Use the items you find to help you escape.

I hope you enjoy the game, please leave comments, and also if you could recommend this game to the adventure games collection (where all the other point and click puzzles are) I would really appreciate it.


cool, but...

I woulda gave the game a 10 if there wasnt that glitch where you cant exit a room after enter it, i have no idea what people are talking about in other rooms when they mention an exit or back button cuz apparently there isnt one, if you fix that one thing ill defintely play it

Great follow up!

Nicely done sequel! A little easier than its predecessor to start, but satisfyingly challenging towards the end.

A bit shorter than I would have liked but a great time killer nontheless.

good one

story was nice but cant find 5151 code without walktrough :)

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I just recently stumbled upon your game series, and I love them. I've always loved all the "Escape the room" type games it's a challenge and helps pass the time. Great job on all of your games I hope you continue to make more.

Very well-done

This was interesting, I liked it.
So that everyone doesn't have to scroll back 50 pages for the walkthrough....
(I used this exact same walkthrough to get through myself.)

Turn right.
Click light switch.
Click pillow.
Notice code (9431).
Click center panel.
Click center arrow. (Shrink)
Right. Hole. Ladder.
Left Room.

Drag alien to holder.
Press green button.
Click paper.
Read. Notice it says A 50%, T 30%, G 20%.
Click off note.
Click back.
Third Room.
Click A 5 times, T 3 times, G 2 times.
Doesn't matter in what order.
Petri dish is full.
Click green button.
Mog rat grows.
Click to get mog rat.
Click back.
Fourth room.
Enter code from couch (9431).
Push green button and click knife.
Click back, down ladder, back to room.
Click back to elevator.
Click middle arrow to grow.
Back and right.
Click to right of couch.
Use knife on slit.
Get drained power cell.
Back, left, elevator, center arrow to shrink.
Right, hole, ladder.
Second room.
Mog rat in hole on left.
Click red button.
Power cell in hole that opens.
Click red button.
Arrange pipes in pattern to use all pipes.
They should form the numbers 515 and with the right column, another 1.
This is used in a minute as a code (5151).
For now, once the pipes are arranged, click the green button.
Mog rat runs maze.
Once power cell is charged, click red button and retrieve it.
Back and last room.
Enter the code from the pipes (5151)
Push green button.
Get yellow switch, drag to top left.
Use new code (8632).
Close and open door with green button.
Get green switch, drag to middle left.
Use new code (7495).
Close and open door with green button.
Get blue switch, drag to bottom left.
Use new code (6287).
Close and open door with green button.
Get remote control.
Back, ladder, back to room, back to elevator.
Middle arrow to grow.
Back, right, right.
Click on remote.
V button to open iris.
Drag power cell to iris.
V button to close iris.
O button to start machine.
Click box to close machine.
Click top center of box to open compartment.
Get key.
Turn right, use key on door.
Open door, Click white opening.
You win!

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Oct 26, 2007
2:04 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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