Witch Hunt: Nooboo Mary

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Witch Hunt : Nooboo Mary
-------------updates 27 oct 2007 --------------
Hi guys, we increased peasants walking speed alittle
most importantly, we fixed the negative soul bug for curses. thanks for informing us of the bugs :)

--------------updates 26 oct 2007--------------
thank you everyone for the reivews and votings!!

we worked 30 hours straight to meet deadline for halloween competition, so I would like to apologise for all the mistakes we made(game too easy, ending screen didnt put a stop(), giant's description belongs to evil trees etc).

here are the things we changed, just a quick update.
-ending screen stay longer than 1 second :)
-Giant is described as Giant.
-game balancing
- speed up peasants
- increase soul required for evil tree

dont use up all the souls for leveling up. "Turn Toad" is a tiring spell :)

Again thanks everyone for playing and taking the time to write review n suggestions.
More comments and suggestions please, we will be working on next version with more enemies and hopefully a balanced game. .

Its a cross between lemmings and defense game play.

The game is about a group of villagers/peasants, marching up against you. You are a witch named NOOBOO MARY, and with all the spells you have, will try to stop them from reaching you.

Every kill gives you souls, which you can use it to cast your spells or save it to learn/level up a spell. Read the tutorial and also how to use each spells at the Spells Menu by clicking on the Spells Icon.


Fun, but unbalanced.

It was really fun, but the spells are really unbalanced...
Swamp Level 1 is better than two Tree level 1s, and it costs a sixth to use.

The Girl is near useless, unless you use it in combination with a swamp.

The Ghosts make you lose the soul you would have had from the peasants.

Upgrading spells was useless. For example, Turn Toad had no difference from level 1 and level 3.

The only enemy was peasants. There should be more enemies with different strengths and weaknesses.

Death was almost instant. If you didn't put up a swamp when you should have, you had six or seven peasants coming at you that would kill you in half a second. You should have a barricade health bar or something, so you'd be able to recover after an attack.

Turn Toad has a fickle targeting system. If there are a lot of peasants, I'll be trying to burst a toad when another peasant comes and I suddenly start bursting him. It's way too hard to attack anything.

Pretty much the only way I could win was to set up swamps and wait. However, this made the game incredibly easy and boring.

Every spell was near worthless except Turn Toad, Swamp, Giant, and Insect.

If you could fix this, and change the spells' effects (Right now, a lot of them are clones of each other with different animations) this game would be insanely fun to play.

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dude great game


i really like it, graphics and music are great, it was only too short and easy for me, but i understand that you were in hurry; good game!

Same as the one below...

Curses become negative, then you are unable to use any spell soon after.

Bag with curses

I can cast curses (turn ugly and blackdeath) without limit. Soul counter become negtive and i can't switch spell, so in the next round can't do anything.

PS: sorry for bad english

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3.97 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2007
11:53 PM EDT
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