Xantsu: The Awakening

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**UPDATE: The death avoiding glitch has been fixed
This is my newest game. Its an action game similar to devil may cry in some parts. People who like action games should find this fun, people who dont might hate it since it is all action. If some of you have been following me the past year or so you would know that I've been working on a game called "The Wrath of Xantsu" and that game is still in developement, though it does feature the same combat as this game so people who've been looking forward to that can get a small taste of it in this game.


good game

this game was good but not very good 4\5

This Game

This game to be better it needs

-Sword Blocking (Blocking With Sword..)
-Reloading (For Guns)
-Clips And Ammo (For Guns)
-HP Left Bar (Numbers To Be Detailed HP Bar)
-Mute Sound Button

Glitch (?)
When attacking monsters they must not be avaible to attack! -Fix

|---- Even if not glitch , u need to make them not possible to attack when u hit them


Nice music tho :D Can i haz a download link? (Pm please if possible)

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The-Mercenary responds:

space is to block, as for music...I'll probably just upload it here on NG and give you a link to download it


it was okay

Basically a sidescrolling Devil May Cry...

Yeah,you get a 0 for originality,but a 10 for awesome.One thing i liked was how the enemies were fast enough that you couldn't beat the game with just the guns,but slow enough that the guns weren't completely useless.That kind of balance is difficult to achieve.Considering this was made in flash,a Devil May Cry clone is a significant achievement.Graphics need work,but other than that this was a pretty great game.Upgradeable weapons would be a nice addition though.8/10.

The-Mercenary responds:

yea...one thing about this game, is that it was practically made in a week, all the graphics were done in that amount of time, though since I used the same engine as Wrath of Xantsu and the main characters animations it went by quicker, but I still had to work my ass off to get this out on time.

Big Bug

You should really fix the bug where you can still move as the character dies. I went through most of the game at 0 health and beat it.

Other than that the graphics were good but a little choppy. The gameplay was weird, I didn't like how you couldn't hit an enemy while they were in their attacking animation. Also good work making the music a little bit dynamic.

Nice game but it still needs some work.

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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2007
9:48 PM EDT
Action - Other