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Xantsu: The Awakening

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**UPDATE: The death avoiding glitch has been fixed
This is my newest game. Its an action game similar to devil may cry in some parts. People who like action games should find this fun, people who dont might hate it since it is all action. If some of you have been following me the past year or so you would know that I've been working on a game called "The Wrath of Xantsu" and that game is still in developement, though it does feature the same combat as this game so people who've been looking forward to that can get a small taste of it in this game.


aaah game-killin bug XD

Like everyone said, there is that bug where if you are about to die, just jump and you'll live, just kinda kills the game. Graphics are decent, if not a little blocky for the main guy, attacks are real eh, and blocking isnt really needed because of that glitch. Some more music would be nice, but the music i did hear was alright.

Big Bug

You should really fix the bug where you can still move as the character dies. I went through most of the game at 0 health and beat it.

Other than that the graphics were good but a little choppy. The gameplay was weird, I didn't like how you couldn't hit an enemy while they were in their attacking animation. Also good work making the music a little bit dynamic.

Nice game but it still needs some work.

Twas Ok

Decent graphics good programming except for one thing. If you were dying (The guy kind of just lies down) if you jump you wont' die. Sooooo if every time you get hit and have no health left you jump. You can't die. I beat the Black skele guy with 0 Hp visible on the bar hahahah

nice game

pretty well made :D its like a halloween DMC mix. the animation was pretty good and your scripting was pretty good, with only a few flaws i could find :D could use a lil work but i like it


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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2007
9:48 PM EDT
Action - Other