Math Strip 2

October 25, 2007 –
May 7, 2011
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Author Comments

Hope you all like this - I've improved quite a few things since the original Math Strip.
Strip your hot teacher by answering her math questions. This is both educational AND sexy!
Don't worry about where to type - after you press "play now" just type your answer to each question as they come up!

Have fun,

Erika xx

**my follow-up to this game, World Map Strip, is now up on newgrounds. to play go to: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/423392
or just use the related submissions drop-down menu..


i love these math games though the first teacher was hotter

I'm normally a math whiz but man those problems can be tricky once u start adding and subtracting more than 2 numbers...it doesn't help that u have a hard-on as the teacher strips either

i play this game all the time because this is honestly my most favorite milf on the internet or that ive ever seen. but i cant find anything with her on anything else except for math strip 2. can some1 send me something that has this girl in it

u cant answer the questions quickly as the blood is surely not at the brain...

Ha! basic math this game is easy for me...
However it doesn't let you go back on a number (i type too fast)

......now i realy love math.......

Im good at math....i was masturbating while playing this..THE GIRL IS SO HOT!

thhis girl is pretty hot

can we have more time? it gose too fast for me to punch it into a cal-imean, do it in my head or write it out.

Just open WolframAlpha.com in a new tab, and use it to answer the questions, lol.

Some of the questions were pretty tough. I only missed one though. I honestly did this just because it gave me motivation to see how dulled my math skills had gotten.

it was hard yo.. i was on my last life too..
cant really concentrate coz u wanna look at the picture lol..
good game tho..

some of these problems requir righting them out but you can't do that in 7 seconds

Its hard and so's mine. Awesome game, way too difficult tho D:
I was on my last life but got a streak of easy questions :D

I own, I didn't get a single question wrong.

The unfortunate thing about this game is the time limit, it means you end up in a situation, you can either look at the pictures, or you can answer the question, you don't have time to do both.

It's useful at the end to be able to go back and flick through without the pressure of the questions though.

agora eu fikei mais esperto gra├žas a esse jogo vamos ver se minha notas vao melhorar agora

me and my asian friend (who is asian) could not do the math it was too hard
now keep in mind my friend is asian and if she couldn't do it i doubt ANYONE can

I wish it was that easy to strip a girl

to do this and jerk off would be hard to do, so i beat the game first and then did it

But I barely get to look at the pictures, while jerking off, while answering math.
Tough task

Not bad. Have to say, trying to do arithmetic while jerking off is not an easy task at ALL, and I'm usually a math whiz.

I'll give it a 7 just because I'm no good at math. Hot teacher thought

its fun i guess

Hehe.. =p

this is awesome

they need straight guys and lesbians to use this at school. and one with dudes for gays and straight girls.

i suddenly got smart.

The math teacher looks like Sarah Palin. Yuck!

Deeply unimaginative game, decent girl though.


i loved this one i "learned" much than in a school

its a good way to learn and thats why i will give you a 6/six

it was really hard for me to think with a naked women before me, it took me 7 times. but it was worth

This game actually made me...well...you know...without even touching "it". I mean "WOW!"

If school was this good I would never have faild a class, Funny, Fun and more fun, But the time limmit kinda sucked took me 5 trys to get it right lol the ending was nice though lmao

can u gimme the answers

yea...when you're horny and want to play games to strip women, less blood goes to your brain, so you can't think well. The math problems you gave are way too hard to solve when my brain isn't at its full capacity ><
plus i suck at math, so gimme the teacher naked now!!

it was cool but can you put more 5 seconds to answer a question?

Whenever I put in a two digit answer it only accepted one digit...

i got alot better at my math skills playing this game, thanks Angel Rain! (the teacher's "name")

I thought it was funny and definately delivered what the author had in mind. A little bit of education and some hot dirty fun.

Great game, but I would like to see the picture set used.

i wonder if hurt her while she had the ruler in her pussy and look likes her pussy is dirty and shit but really good game

i love female teachers!

I wish she was my math teacher everyday for Calculus!! I'd learn it in no time then!! =XD

i got really far and i passed away in so much nude and sexiness..... man she is hot....i have to play this again and again and again!

that sucked i had to use a flipin' calculator even then i failed when she showed her tits.

i couldn't concentrate on the numbers, that was not fair play! :(

If you suck at maths this is a great way to get you crunching those numbers! lol

use a calculator if u suck at math.. lol

couldnt get past her biteing the ruler!

nudity you gotta work for. I dig it

That chick looks like my sister.. ;D

she soooooo sexy damn boy keep going with that

If only i had graduated elementry school.

ha ha yum yeah

ha that was hard

I was going to rate it lower but I played it for hours

LOL =)

It was good but you'll need a calc to get this done efficiently. great job!

better have a calculator.. 7th prob or so she shows her cat. be prepared. tottaly awesome.

the game is good but you cant do a galery at the bigin of the game for the boy that ar lasy

Beat it first try with no mistakes! I like the little bonus at the end letting you look at all the pics at your leisure too, all in all pretty good.

that's all I can say.

its cool, a little distracting lol

It was decent, but in my opinion, she really wasn't that hot. Also, had trouble with two digit answers. Sometimes they wouldn't register, and it would say I missed the question. (I know this wasn't the case.)

All in all though, good job. It was entertaining, so it served it's purpose.

education and sex where is this school??

phew that wasclose ;)

is it jsut me or does this chick look like Sarah Silverman?

While great and unusual (an uncommon spark of originality in a generic portal) in concept the game is defective when it comes to two digit problems. Often my answers would not be responded to resulting in me getting the question incorrect. Perhaps I'm just angry despite my best attempts I couldn't get her undressed, however this might be a problem you could improve upon in your next submission. Rather defective in my opinion.

I love this game soooooooooo much the techer is really hot and it is actually a fun game it took alot of tries to finally beat it though.


Wow this game had really hot pics...but the math questions went from easy to hard. I was to distracted by the pictures to do the math! lol wish i had the answers so i could see every picture and take my time looking at them :) Wish i could have my fun with either a hot male or female teacher :p lol

you get too distracted by the picture to care about the questions

Good game man, my maths sucks and her nakedness just fuck up all my equations, i thought i was good at maths!

every time i'd type a different number it would come up as either 1 or 2.

too hard dude make it easier

it's pretty hard

hits hard because of the time limit

It's good. Just that I missed 2. But completed the whole thing. My mind is fast at solving equations. Her pussy and boobs just screwed me up on some because I got horny at them. <3

cuz i wasnt able to enjoy the pics of her pussy

All I did was ignore the pictures til the end. I just used a calculator because I'm really fast and scroll through at the end :P

my mind is to slow to answer the difficult questions lol

mind is to slow and im up to a calculator:P

I'm good at math, but I just wanted to see porn!

im not payin attention to the math more of the pictures and im not quick on math eiter so u should give more time to answer

aww man i didnt get to strip anything i need to improve my maths

but u should have more time to stare at the picture
and i hate math

i got real far but it started to get too hard and i quit just make it simple and not so dam hard!!or atleast take the timer off geez

Like kingkarp said, like taking a timed test.. Albeit a good way to brush up on Math rightr before school begins, though the math ranges from a 3rd grade level to 5th...
Meh, I like the rewards.

less math more nudity its like taking a timed test



i suck at maths but ithink i just got better grades

Ive finnaly found a way to improve my mental math!

Its a class game, good for wanks :)

good for someone who is good with i suck

...if you have a calculator >;p

boring, girls not hot, easy, waste of time, and had to F11 so i could hit the start button

I could not scroll down to start the game but nice teacher lol pls try to fix ty

i beat it

I enjoy the basic challenge, but I do not enjoy your failure to incorporate even a BASIC feature in any game: A pause button. This is especially important because there is NO intermission. None. Whatsoever. So if a person has to, say, answer an IM (typical) or temporarily deflect his or her attention, they can't pause. Obviously the way to implement this WITHOUT cheating is simply to pause inbetween questions, with the spacebar being a "continue" button. Do so and maybe you'll get a five next time. Maybe.

she is unshaved...not attractive

You people whine about time... it's not that hard. but the pics are kinda hot.

im not smart enough i only get about 15 questions into it

not enough time

Not hard but would be better if she was fuckin hot!! HAHA

this requires to much thinking to quickly to get a decent result, the questions need to be either not timed or a little bit easier
the pictures are hot though

there is too little time

i do wanna c that

18 year olds should know how to do more complex math.

if there were more time you wouldve gotten a better score

Fun and educational. Could use operations of math other than add and subtract.

give us some more tim will ya?

Unfortunately the timer makes it so you don't really have time to enjoy your reward from the previous correct answer. A pause after each answer with a 'continue' button could fix this single shortfall; otherwise an excellent game.

this game is very cool^^

i just h8 the timer

what's the girl's name?

woot after many tries i finally beat the game. it was awesome and i had to be smart. this game is definetely not for retards.

if i had a a tutor like this in school, i would have done 10 times better...

Good game... But how are you supposed to overwrite your answer???? A wrong key stroke is an automatic X

I kind of liked it, but, call me an idiot, the best way to get to the "good Stuff" is to use a calculator, but it's an overall good game. I liked , just the freakin math. It gets in the way. But overall I liked it...
Slash, OUT!


smart n sexy

did anyone finish?...............

the math aint meant to be hard, haha stop trying to sound smart and this games very good and she is HOT to whoever denies that, shes a milf you guys. shes not a 20 year old bomb shell

female wasnt that hot and questions were for grade school

The only time so far inteligent and sexy goes together! just another way to keep 10YO from see the unmenchonables!

AWESOME GAME! not for retards...so u gotta be smart to see whats under them clothes...i like it a lot! =D

bad fuckin game

i winw the game kool

I got through most of it and i saw that she has a huge vagina and nice breasts!

2 things
1.this is hard but not impossible... good work
2.trew-lyricist-215 is a moron... i finished the whole thing and none of the answers wrong he must just suck at math

because i thought she had a huge pair of balls

some of tha right answers r "wrong" on this....get ur shit together and get ur timing right

uhhhhh yea.........

needs easier math problems

The pcitures seem to get slightly better with each question, and they are from some MILF site. I'm good at math but for some of those questions it just didn't give you enough time to solve it in your head properly. If you want to get to the good stuff you would have to be a whiz or cheat with a calculator.

i shoulda used a calculator lol..., this brings back a memory... a teacher bent down and a kid saw her tits and they were all shriveled and wrinkly... nasty lol she was like 45

Never before have I tried so hard to work out sums. Awesome idea!

I remember my maths teacher she had more wrinkles than well grand ma and my dog has better breath that is probably y i suck at this game

shes awesome u ever hear of a milf?

She is ugly, like seriously, she is 40 years old, not hot at all, you should have used a sexy 20 year old babe

its an ok "game"very good time waster

hot teach

Ehhhh.... The girl from the first one is hotter..

WAAY to distracted......

this is what u get wen u stay in school. hehe

Well done,

and btw Yeckarb
17-4+3 = 16 not 66 . . .

66? how did i get that one wrong??

I'm learning I suck at math when a cameltoe is thrust at my eyes. I'd offer a few different teachers since that one didn't particularly thrill me to continue. Still, I can say i learned to quickly add and subtract with motivation!

very good i wish i went to that school whrn i was young might have learned more..

Some of the math problems really did make you think, have to be quick about it. Was a challenge, did enjoy it though. On some of the harder problems, there should be a few seconds more time limit though, and a shorter one on the easier problems

don't know why are people complaining about time limits... if you beat the game you can review the pictures, without time limit. Maybe im 2 harsh but come on people! you can't be that DUMB that you don't know how to count!!! go back to elementary noobs

the time was so short i had no time to enjoy the pics :(

Game was ok but the time limit wasn't that good plus the teacher wasn't ugly but wasn't totally hot like Maria Ozawa or other people. Still game was ok and not that bad.

lol it should be simple enough but yeah the time limit is a good idea but maybe if it was longer... cant think blood rushing to penis!

fuck i think im dumb i never got to finish damn time limit still good game

stanman is right no time limit, I use a calculator!

The challenge is working out the easy sums with the ... distraction

it was a awesome game, but no time limit plz

Love it

This game was too easy,the pics where ok too.Maybe part 3 there will be division or multiplication,Even then that will be too easy o well good game.

wow i did that easy
you dumb fucks need to use a calculator

Reeli good game but please can you take off the timer so you get a chance to look at the pics :P

Finally a somewhat challenging game with nice rewards, although I think the timer could last a little longer, not all of us are superb at math. ;p

Well it was terrific. Can u make questions easier please? lol

it was a great game i just think you should have kept the question a little more simple

you shold be able to back space

The perfect sex flash. What that last guy wrote was only half true. Yes, the sound is a distraction, but so is the girl.

Turn off the sound, it's a distraction.

good i wanna bang her pussy look so good boobs are big i ganna have sex with her

oh you know, i bused out my old school abacus and solved all these problems

no but really, its pretty easy. i did them all in my head. for the occasional i DID use the abacus. no electric calculator used horny cheating white boys XD

observation: if you miss a super hard question, even though it goes back one if you miss it, but the questions get super easier after that, so use those permitted misses before you die to good use.

these people are so stupid they thought it was hard lol. They guy below says "I was doing it in my head" lol yeah what the fuck else do you do it on? 21+21? lol fucking retards

The only problem I had with this is the amount of time you have to answer the question.
I was doing it in my head and ran out of time a number of times.
Other than that, it was good.

hot body but ugly pussy...
keep up the good work
make the next game easier pls :)

i wish teachers were like this when i went 2 school, i might have learned summit lol great game

It took me a while to realize i own a calculator she was hot but it was still hard

ummm... i guess that sums it up, great game.

That was good, but I'm terrible at math, it was hard. So I gave up. So, sue me.

That was okay, but i'm terrible at math, so it was hard. I never beat it.

to hard im rubbuich at maths but nice pics make it easier and il be on it all night if you kno what i mean

Wasn't too hard to complete but the distractions were well worth it

Great game, just wish you got more time to um... look at the pics. You got time to think them out or stare... but still lots of fun and hard not to stare.

You need more time to answer the questions, which are just a hare to hard. Lower the questions and increase the time!

hard challenging and the one handed controls rock my cock

love the one handed controls if you know what i mean, and i suck at math so its a fun way to study. O, i have to get back to studying HAHA


have to be quick at maths, makes you think quick

I like techers ^^
Cool game, cool foto, cool questions

it was not all that good... also she has a bad shaving rash...

Pretty good, would be a good thing to be ablet o view the images you have won...
Also she got a bad shavign rash down there...
Also loads fine for me.

its not loading it said movie not loaded!!!!!!!!!!

why doesn't it play after it laoded?

Way too easy. I missed only once cause I pressed wrong button. Pics are still quite good.

hard cause i keep lookin at her

apparently, there's 30 pictures you can look through in the end, so probably 30 questions. I couldn't finish the problems fast enough the first three tries, so I used a calculator on the fourth try.
That time limit is short, especially when you are distracted by the girl. plus, the right click trick to pause doesn't work for me.
anyway, nice simple game, just too hard for me without a calculator. pictures are nice.

the questions were alittle too easy i mea n if you didnt get all of them on th first try your retarded :/

mabey they could make a guy teacher

we need one for history. cuz id totally pay attention if i got this lol.

Simple math was never this much fun, but make sure you can see the numbers on your keyboard.

Guys, its called a calculator

Time was just right to keep you thinking on your toes. A good challenge.

take out the time limit

Must be a sexually repressed woman...lol too hard...don't punish us

hard dont put a timer and it could be easier

How many questions must I answer correctly? To get her naked.

she is nice and fine but put more secs. dood so we cann apreciate her more

this girl is way too hot to pay attention to the time

...but jesus christ please increase the time. the girl was hot tho :P

I had to whip out the calculator. pretty cool, though

lets face it, why do we really play these? its a good game, u just need more time

need more time plus the teacher is not that hot and there are way to many questions

question!!! not enough time why dont you make it so you get forever to fucking answer it

Not bad...that was some REALLY good porno but th time given for each qn needs to b lengthened cos ALOT of ppl are craptastical at math(me included lol).Overall,its pretty awsum.Keep it up buddy

lol mat hwasnt hard but it was kidna distracting doing math and lokkign at her pussy at the same tiem lol

anyone who thinks these maths question are hard are probably not old enough to be playing the game in the first place!
the difficulty in the questions were a bit too easy in a possible sequel there should me multiplication and whatnot.

could have been better. math questions were kinda hard

finally finished the game. u have to focus on the tasks. After u finished all, you can scroll through every picture. n1 babe anyway

Too hard, I can't properly enjoy the sights ;)

she was so beautiful....

but my global studies teacher is hotter!

only time i've actually been interested in maths haha
girl should be a blonde though..

I find her beauty quite compelling. While there are plenty of "playboy bunnies" around, there are *very* few who would actually look like a teacher... Incredible!

not hot sry (no offense) try a playboy bunny^.^

she was kinda hot but u can do better

you couldnt get any hotter teachers?

awesom game

i was so close i wish you could backspace i end up putting 5 instead of 6 4 times lol gr8 game

i couldnt beat it

I'm so pathetic, i can't beat it the time always gets me...

There are *millions* of games that have just random pictures strung together in a set quiz that you can just memorize the answers to win. There are maybe a few hundred (on the entire internet no less) games that actually challenge you in beating, and it's a good day when another appears. That and the content is actually worth the trouble. Plus the time limit is actually a good idea (no matter how much I hate it) as it would prevent many people from using a calculator program or such. Keep up the good work, you've got a real gem here.

you know i wish i had theacher like that

but how AM I SUPOSSED TO MAKE A SUM with that horny bitch there!!!! I mean his butt is so ROUND!!!

learing is fun whith nakedness its a good thing =D

Make some more complicated non timed questions. It was laughably easy, I did them all on the first time correctly without any mistakes. I don't like timed questions, so make some A LOT more complicated AND non timed questions next time.

thats what ithink she is sexy but you should give 5-7 wrogn quesitons

There is still one problem : your games only works on american keyboards. I guess you're scanning Key codes instead of typed digits.

only thing i can come up with to make it better is way harder questions and longer time in the end... such as (a+b)*(a+b) = a^2+b^2+2ab

How I wish that she's my maths teacher though.

Hehe :p

Cheers and have a nice week ahead :)

Paying attention in math class is a good thing. Then you can play games like this :)

The best thing was that after you cleared the game you could view all the pictures at your leisure.

Swore I only got 2 wrong but eh. XD

Interesting game. Still, I'm not a huge fan of the 'strip the girl' games... Need more games where the player has to strip. And male and female players, I don't wanna play a guy ;3

Still. Fun.

I like this game <o.o^ ty for making :P make more pl0x ;D

Multiplication and Division
Addition and Subtraction

This means that you should do what is possible within parentheses first, then exponents, then multiplication and division (from left to right), and then addition and subtraction (from left to right). If parentheses are enclosed within other parentheses, work from the inside out.

so in one of the questions 12-5+7 does infact = 14.... the only difference is the () aren't placed (but really don't need to) (12-5)+7

you go back a stage and lose if you get 3 wrong. it should be one or the other.

Taegon, if there is addition and subtraction, u do it from left to right. Anyways, the math is too fast to enjoy the pictures.

Its a good game, you might want to make the math questions harder sooner. Make a little more challenging. The math is correct, 6-2+13=17 because youdo the math from left to right when ther is only addition and subtraction or division and multiplication. PEMDAS

Some of the math is wrong. If the problem is 6-2+13 for example you are supposed to add first then subtract. The answer should be 9 but in the game the "corect" answer is 17. The game has you work all problems from left to right which is impropper math. The game is cool but if you have a game focused around math, you should know to do math.

Simple and too the point. Sex obviously does sell.
But my issue was that it ran rather kinda choppy, causes me to miss enter numbers and thus lose.
This was quite disappointing.

still challenging but not overwhelming. I suck at math but this is easier than the last one.

thanx for pointing out, I suck at math toulk me 3 trys to beat it.

I would have been a maths genius with this kind of motivation

I had hotter teachers...but I suppose she was alright :P
Not really much to critique here....simple math with sex tied to it....
(too bad all my math teachers were old dried up ladies or guys. hahaha)

but you can just right click and press forward to go to the gallery :3

The 10 key on the keyboard is one of the most beautiful, efficient, and enjoyable ways of inputting numbers ever invented. Imagine my dismay upon discovering that only the number keys on the top row work! Nooo!

bassically to the previous review
two words
sex sells
while it might no be the greatest truth in the world its true and the fact that this person realizes that means that he does have a lil talent
ill give it a 3 and a 7
because damnit the chick is hot =P

hehehe but nice job and even nicer breasts.

well it does make math more interesting

it's just porn and maths. If you take away the porn, it would get blammed in 3 seconds. Sometimes guys just vote with their dicks instead of their heads.

Excelent, the girl is hot, but you are a good graphicdesigner. Good luck!

The game was boring! But the lady scored max!!! 10/10 5/5


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