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Here we go, relatively quick project. It's all somewhat retro style, and it's all in that clich├ęd vision of computers being 1s and 0s on the inside.

Got some awesome music from 8BitPeoples.com-check them out some time, they're totally sweet. And I wasn't even paid to say that.

The game's sponsored by Kongregate.com, another Flash game site. Check them out some time, too.

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Decent Game

I like that the game was difficult and you didn't just breeze through it like it was a simple maze game. I couldn't get past level 4 but it was fun.

Way too hard and repetitive

Level 4 and 5 made me >:( (but finally I got to infinity mode =D)


I don't really get it. Most of the time when you fly into the numbers nothing happens. It's really boring. Pretty crap.


Interesting concept. But by level 4, its just too crazy.


hey that isnt even a game. how can you call a 0 shooting 1s on blocks of 0 & 1 a game this isnt worth keeping on newgrounds its not even worth playing it& the only reason i am giving this a 4 cus i liked the effects & sound