Halloween Game Collab 07

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***Update, some glitches have been fixed (bear with us) :P

Halloween Game Collab 07 - A collab of Halloween-related and themed games. A game collab is pretty hard to pull off, but with the tons of ideas, initiative and work that was shown to get it to where it is now, so I would like to thank all those who participated (in no particular order):


We hope you all enjoy the insane amounts of effort, especially seeing as participants only had approx 3 weeks to input into this.
- Coolio-N


(sigh....) here we go...

Pico Graveyard Shift- The game was a so-so shoot 'em up style few minutes of fun. The undead models DID look like Frankenstein (and in the case of the flying ones PURPLE Frankenstein-bat) trashcans. 4/10

Candle Light- I'm sorry to say that this game was merely a half-hearted time waster. The formations were cool though (but only for Halloween :}. 2/10

Resurrection- An okay game with clunky controls; instead of moving when i pushed a button, it only swung itself in that direction meaning that it took too long to move, but that made it a little more fun because it added challenge! 4/10

Dark Depths- One of the better games; this was a lot better than all of the other games not just because it was a shooter but because it actually had a little element in the game's mixture called:FUN. 7/10

Tower Climb- Dark Depths with much less shooting and a lot more candy collecting. Not necessarily a bad thing! 5/10

Blood Type- A typing instructor that has sloppy handwriting and is full of Halloween spirit. 2/10

It's Raining Candy!- Although meant for the younger audience i enjoyed this more than some of the other games (even though it sucked). 4/10

Pumpkin Crush- An all right diversion. This game is a pedestrian but pumpkin hating version of Grand Theft Auto. 4/10

Ghoul Hunter- Would have been the best game if you didn't have to CLICK to buy more ammo. You should have assigned the "BUY..." function a button among the numbers. Would have been a lot more tantalizing and a lot less frustrating to the player. 4/10

Get Off My Lawn!- Would have been the best game hands down if it had more than two weapons and more than 3 trick-or-treaters(correct me if i'm wrong, i got to level 9 and became bored with the assault rifle). Oh yeah and the music only played on certain levels certain times. Is this a glitch, a decision (a bad one if so), or was i playing too fast?

Overall this was a pretty descent Collab. I hope to see another one next year with better and more fun games(kind of hard to wish for better graphics :}).

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There are some Errors :S

jindo i agree with you, but...

jindo i see where you are coming from and i have seen some games on the front pages that are just like these games, however, just about everyone one of these games seems like its incomplete making not really worth my time. the worst one is dark depths where it is almost impossible to double jump but you have to use it within seconds of starting.

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Most of the games wernt very good

The pico one wouldve been good if i didnt keep getting stuck in the ground
the only one i really liked was Get off my lawn

Get ready for some reading...

Graveyard shift:I liked it a bit but the lack of weapons,health,powerups and the fact that there were 2 types of enemys only made it a little dull(also the rocket launcher is USELESS against more than 1 enemy at a time.

Candle Light:hmm a game were u lite candles...why hasnt anyone thout of this before...probably because its boring

Ressurection:Definatley the worst game it was boring pointless and never ended

Dark Depths:just plain bad...one weapon... one life...one star

Tower Climb:it was ok but the jump bar needs to refill faster...and why would a purple blob want candy???

Blood Type:a VERY basic typing game with almost no challenge

Its Raining Candy:a shamels ripoff of the classic fire rescue games...wich USED to be my favorite type of games

Pumpkin Crush:a decent game although there was a few glitches 1 u had to hit the pumpkin directly in the centre and 2 some of the pumkins were in the rocks making them impossible to hit

Ghoul Hunter:i enjoyed this game although it would have been much beter if u put in stages and upgrades

Get off my lawn:by far the best game but sadly the easiest limited characters and weapons made it boring after lvl 6

OverAll:normally i like the Armour games/Newgrounds projects ...sadly this time i didnt i found it very dull and very simple which is a shame

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Coolio-Niato responds:

Graveyard shift= 4 types of enemies, and also, armorgames and newgrounds are SPONSERS, you must understand this, they dont program or make every game with their logo in them >.>

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