Halloween Game Collab 07

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***Update, some glitches have been fixed (bear with us) :P

Halloween Game Collab 07 - A collab of Halloween-related and themed games. A game collab is pretty hard to pull off, but with the tons of ideas, initiative and work that was shown to get it to where it is now, so I would like to thank all those who participated (in no particular order):


We hope you all enjoy the insane amounts of effort, especially seeing as participants only had approx 3 weeks to input into this.
- Coolio-N


Pico Graveyard and all other games

All of these games are very fun, it would be awesome to see what the same people could come up with in Christmas '08.


But good! the diablo music made me cry a little, dont tell anyone.

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Game collab = win

A game collab! That's unique. Really great idea you peoples got here.

What else can I say?

Cool games

A lot of great games!

Review for 'em all

Gotta review 'em all, since it's a collection of games, rite

Graveyard shift: Very simple game, some interesting foes, though it gets really repetitive after a while. WASD keys are a little glitchy, jumping doesn't always work. Cool little thing, fun to play once or twice though sorta boring.

Candle light: Rather boring concept really. The skulls in the background and fx made it creepy as hell though- nice mood, but the concept of the game itself isn't too interesting.

Resurrection: Again, VERY monotone gameplay, but it has a bit of replay value. Great, shiny graphics. the skull is a bit TOO sensitive though- you lose a life just by being near a ghostie. After a while them ghosts go fast as hell, which makes it really hard too, but it's fun

Dark Depths: Very hard to keep up with the grey area, I think it's hard enough itself to get up, if it wasn't for the zombies- you sort of combined two different kind of games- which didn't really work perfectly well, but it's a nice little piece of game thoe

Tower Climb: Cool game- very nice concept and all, but maybe the candies should add a little to the "life meter" since if you've wasted one flight, you can't get it back at all. Not too important, it's a cool thing nevertheless

Blood type: Another typing game huh- well, ironically, there's a TYPE-o in it (you have on mintue? Wtf?) Cool graphics, watch out though, the blood makes it harder to see what letter it is. Very stressing with those shaking letters and numbers. No big flaws at all

It's raining candy: Very cute little game, after a while he like, throws out candy like crazy. Nothing bad about it, not the most interesting concept however. That cheering kiddy fx got annoying after a while.

Pumpkin Crush: While it's obvious that it's the tank that moves, some stripes in the middle of the road would make sure for the player that the tank is moving along the road, and that it's not the pumpkins and rocks that are flying against the tank. Interesting, though not very original concept, a bit shaggy graphics, but overall a pretty good minigame.

Ghoul Hunter: Defend your castle type game huh. Well I'd like there to be some more interesting foes than whatever birds and witches. If there are, I'd really like them to be earlier in the game. Pretty boring, stripped down game really.

Get off my Lawn: Def. and totle the most enjoyable game there. Pretty well varied characters, good graphics and some powerups and stuff. Would like there to be a more extended "shop" there between the levels though. Great little minigame

Nice little compilation of games, I had fun most of the time playing it. Good work to you all

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